Free speech protestor helped by NSS

Reza Moradi, who was arrested during the March for Free Expression rally in Trafalgar Square, reports that the National Secular Society has found him a pro bono lawyer to fight his case.

Although there were several Mo-toons placard bearers at the demo, Reza was the only one to be arrested. A single complainer, pictured here, pointed him out in the crowd, saying that he felt “threatened” by the cartoons. The same complainer was spotted twenty minutes later recording the speakers on his digicam. Not that scared then, obviously.

The summons has not yet been received, but Reza hopes it won’t be long:

We want to make sure this case gets its day in court and that with your support – with the support of all those who seek justice when our civil liberties and freedoms are under attack – we will win and raise the banner of unconditional freedoms higher than ever before.

(From Maryam Namazie’s blog)

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  1. Pinchbeck says:

    ‘OMG! The Fuzz! And they have CLIPBOARDS!! Bastards!!!’