Church brands pope a Nazi

Charlotte Church, that is. The young Welsh diva has already upset a few people even before her Channel 4 chat show has aired. Insulting guests, dressing up as a nun and swallowing ecstasy pills like communion wafers, and calling the incumbent leader of the Roman Catholic church a Nazi – all in the pilot for the show.

This “Crazy Chick” could be one to watch.

(Thanks, Andrew)

2 Responses to “Church brands pope a Nazi”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Apparantly, the pilot episode will not air as part of the series. I hope this wasn’t just a stunt to get a series deal, and that the material will actually be used in the series.

  2. Bolfor says:

    Church is a teen genius, she has played the media and won. She’s finally thrown of the awful shackles of her past and become a true performer. Long live Charlotte church and long live the pope so we can take the piss out of him.