BBC revises Denmark stance after reader pressure

The BBC’s article marking the 1st anniversary of the Motoons publication has been revised after complaints from readers angered by its apparent bias.

MWW and readers were among those who contacted the BBC and the journalist responsible, Thomas Buch-Andersen, about the paragraph which read,

The question everyone is asking is: has Denmark learnt its lesson.

Tim Jackson in the comments on the original BBC piece gives the BBC’s reply:

Thank you for your comments. We have changed the text to read “has Denmark learnt any lessons?” This makes it clear that we are not taking sides – but it is still a legitimate question to ask, because the cartoon row had a big impact on Denmark.

This is indeed a legitimate question to ask. However, as MWW pointed out to Buch-Andersen in a private email, the way it was originally worded carried a lot of tendentious baggage.

We welcome the revision, and accept that the mistake may have been made because English is not Buch-Andersen’s first language, making such subtle degrees of register difficult to detect.

But the question everyone is asking is: has the BBC learnt its lesson?

4 Responses to “BBC revises Denmark stance after reader pressure”

  1. Marc Draco says:

    My guess would be, no. Or were you just being rhetorical, monitor?

  2. Andy A says:

    Has anyone asked whether the Muslims have larned their lessons?

  3. Marc Draco says:

    On current form, I’d take a wild guess and say No, Andy.

  4. Jensen says:

    Here we go again with more false information by the BBC

    No apology was ever given!