Calls to ban post-rapture game

left behind vid cap
The Muslim Association of Britain has called for a boycott of the bizarre Christian video game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

The game is set in New York after all the good Christians have been vacuumed up into heaven by God in the “rapture”. It is based on the 64-million-selling novels by semi-literate fundamentalists Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkins.

The “goodies” are the paramilitary Christian Tribulation Force. They are pitted against the Global Community Peacekeepers, an anti-christ army made up of college-trained secularists, devils, and foul-mouthed guitar-weilding rock stars who can drain your spirit with a power chord. The aim is to convert as many baddies as possible by raising their “spirit level”. (No, we are not making this up).

A spokesman for the MAB told The Times:

This game is irresponsible and highly racist. It demonises every other religion which isn’t Christianity. People must boycott this violent game.

Games like this poison the minds of young people.

(The MAB are in favour of religiously-segregated schools).

Terry Sanderson, the new president of the NSS, has also condemned it, but stopped short of calling for a ban:

I think most Muslims and most Christians would recognise that this is crude and despicable hate-mongering and give it a wide berth.

Indeed, the game itself is buggy, boring, and badly designed according to knowledgeable gamers. Brett Todd of Gamespot concludes a scathing review:

there’s nothing remarkable about it–other than the fact that it is a remarkably bad game

11 Responses to “Calls to ban post-rapture game”

  1. Joe says:

    Condeming a game like this is like condeming “satanic” rock albums.
    It will atract racist, fundamentalists as opposed to creating them. Leave them to it.

  2. Joe says:

    PS – bear in mind that there are guitarists who can drain your soul, nay your very will to live, with a single chord.

  3. Ha! Too right, Joe – I’d often wondered what was the cause of that feeling I get when one of Eric Clapton’s solos stretches into its second month… (To all Clapton-loving MediaWatchWatchers, I apologise; please substitute your own most hated guitarist)

    It’s amazing in this day and age that anyone still believes the old rock-music-is-the-devil’s-work canard, but then I really should have learned that these people are stuck in the 1930s by now.

  4. Mark Fielder says:

    I played this game backwards to find the hidden meaning. I now believe myself to be a trolleybus called Gertrude and have smeared myself with lard. Please pray for me.

  5. martyn says:

    At least three of those tank topped blokes are pissing in the street in that picture! As for tha rapture, it’s a shame they don’t realise the nearest they’ll ever get to it is probably a rupture by trying to lift something too heavy.

  6. Dan Factor says:

    This sounds like the type of game that would appeal to Stephen Green, LMAO!
    To make it even more appealing why not include levels where you slag off gays, harrasing women at abortion clinics and intimidate the producers of shows you are offended by. Would go down a storm with the extremists! Lol!

  7. Ricky Smith says:

    Martyn. I hadn’t noticed the pising blokes. Absolutely fantastic. LOL

  8. Tiger Dunc says:

    They look like I do late on any Friday evening. Stumbling around in the dark with little lights going off in my head and then standing in a pool of green bilious liquid.

    Oh my god! Maybe I’m one of them. Quick – I need the opening riff to Smoke on the Water to save my soul.

  9. Nick says:

    Right mock, Just think of the poor bastards like me who have been listening to the guitar break in “Freebird” since 1978 because Lynard Skynyard don’t know the difference between suffering and pain. Jesus I wish that I had been the pilot on ther’e plane crash.

  10. […] reported on the crap video game Left Behind last year. Based on the novels of sub-literate fundamentalist […]

  11. […] reported on the crap video game Left Behind last year. Based on the novels of sub-literate fundamentalist […]