TWAC – latest from the frontline

The Daily Mail reports from the frontline of The War Against Christmas with a story about how Xmas cards “are losing their religious message”.

It’s probably the result of an alliance between the Militant Secularist forces and that ill-disciplined ragtag band of guerillas, the Illiberal Atheists. Somehow they have managed to infiltrate the creative departments of card companies and reduced the incidence of religious imagery in this year’s xmas cards to a paltry 1 in 100.

Some have even subverted the traditional iconography. For example, one card depicts three plasticine shepherds smoking what the Mail coyly describes as a “roll-up” while trumpeting angels hover overhead. One shepherd is saying “I don’t know about you guys, but this sheep s*** is really doing my head in.”

Who better to go to for an outraged quote than Stephen “Dog Shit” Green of Chri… no, wait, let’s stop legitimising his presumptious claim to speak for all Christians and call his organisation what it is: Stephen Green’s Voice. Stephen Green, the Greenian in charge of the fundamentalist campaign group Stephen Green’s Voice, told the Daily Mail:

“It seems that those who design and manufacturer Christmas cards have forgotten its true meaning.

It is very sad and the fact that so many cards barely allude to Christmas is very disquieting.

The card that suggests the shepherds had been smoking strange substances is not just unfunny, it is also deeply offensive.

Presumably he thinks it’s deeply offensive because it suggests – horror of horrors – that an angel did not really appear to shepherds to herald the birth of god on earth. Don’t laugh!

8 Responses to “TWAC – latest from the frontline”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Maybe we should bombard Green with lots of non-religious Christmas cards? It amazes me how Christians fail to realise that Xmas is in no way a Christian festival, just a mish-mash of pagan festivals and late 19th/early 20th century traditions with a religious bit tacked on back in the early days if Christianity to try and persuade the pagans to convert. Which is why some Christian denominations don’t celebrate it at all!

    By the way did he really say “those who design and manufacturer Christmas cards”? Grammar not his strong point. Or is it the Mails mistake?

  2. Dan Factor says:

    I want Christians who want to celebrate Christmas with Christian tradition and meaning to be free to do so without fear of censorship of persecution.
    However it’s a shame many of those Christians do not wish to afford me and others the same freedom to live my life how I choose and wish to impose censorship and persecution on me and others simply for doing or saying things they dissaprove of.

  3. Joe says:

    Its supply and demand. If people wanted a religious message they would buy those sort of cards and they would be manufactured in greater numbers. The fact that most people prefer non-religious messages shows how out of touch Dog Shit is on this as on so much else.

  4. Nick says:

    The worlds first Christas card, Can you spot the lickle baby Jesus?

    Thankyou MailWatch.

  5. tom p says:

    Oliver Burkeman wrote a fabulous piece about the phony W.A.C in the guardian here

  6. Nick says:

    On the subject of Crhistmas cards, I posted a card to a guy that worked me (he was on holiday)he was about 26 and lived with mum & dad. The card had an air bruch picture of a parcel with a pair of stockinged legs bursting out of the top.
    I recieved a ‘phone call from the guys father informing me that he did not appriciate pornography being forced through his leter box and that I was a discusting pervert.
    I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve never met him.

  7. Chatiryworld says:

    More on the non-existent War On Christmas…

    The hilarious mediawatchwatch reports on Stephen ‘Dog Shit’ Green’s views. Via the comments on that post, Oliver Burkeman on not finding anyone who wants to ban Christmas. Not about The War, but just because I like it, Mortal Values, via…

  8. George W. Bush is apparently as guilty as anybody.