The Archers civil partnership attacked

stephen green
Pink News carries a quote from the nation’s most prominent Christian bigot about tonight’s dramatised civil partnership on The Archers.

The radio soap features two characters, Adam and Ian, in a long-running gay partnership who are officially tying the knot in this evening’s episode. Stephen Green, the National Director of Stephen Green’s Voice (formerly Christian Voice), described the storyline as “nauseating”.

Personally, seeing a picture of actors Andrew Wincott and Stephen Kennedy dressed up in wedding suits holding their glasses of fizz made me feel quite queasy. It brought home the enormity of the nauseating pretence and perversion of a real wedding which every ‘civil partnership’ is.

My hope is that the remaining faithful listeners of ‘The Archers’, those who have endured the plaintive politically-correct story-lines of the last few years will at last wake up and find something less grating to listen to.

MWW’s advice to people such as Green who are nauseated by the thought of gay sex: don’t think about it so much. Jesus Christ, that man is positively obsessed!

11 Responses to “The Archers civil partnership attacked”

  1. Caoimhin Saile says:

    Well Stephen Green is correct, at least according to certain verses in the Bible. Three passages to be exact. However, this does not let him off the hook. In each occasion where we read of God’s displeasure with homosexual behavior, we also read of other displeasing behaviors that either God says he doesn’t like but Green ignores, or that Green dislikes and yet God seems to think is okay.

    The most common reference against homosexuality comes from a story in Genesis. In Chapter 18 of the book, we see God about to destroy the evil twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God sends two angels to warn the one godly family of the imminent demise of these cities, only to have the locals demand that these two angels, who appeared like men, come out so they could have sex with them. Of course this didn’t please God very much. However, Lot, the father of this one so-called godly family, does an interesting thing. In chapter 19, verse 8, the Bible tells how Lot offered to give his virgin daughters to these men so that they might rape them instead. Is this how God wants us to protect ourselves from the “homosexual agenda,” by offering to let them rape our virgin daughters? Ask that to the Green and see how much he squirms.

    Likewise, in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus, we’re told it is wrong for a man to be with another man. However, within the same book we are also told that it is wrong to eat pork. If Green uses the Leviticus verses, simply ask him when was the last time he had bacon. According to the same Old Testament book that condemns the practice of homosexuality, he would also be condemned to hell for eating a BLT. However, Green would not be committing sin if he still owned slaves, since Leviticus tells us such activity is okay. Think Green will agree with that?

    Forced out of the Old Testament in their crusade against homosexuality, Green will quote from Romans, or more specifically from 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, both written by the Apostle Paul. He offers a list of sins that will keep a person out of Heaven. Among them is homosexual behavior. However, also listed among these is adultery. Such a revelation won’t phase Green until you remind them that in Luke 16:18 Christ defined a man or woman who has divorced and remarried as also being an adulterer. Ask Green how many of Greens Voice members have been divorced and remarried. Then ask him if their church performs the weddings for these adulterous members. If homosexuality is to be condemned, should not these fellow church goers also be condemned? Challenge Green to go back to his church and apply the same rules to their adulterous remarried members as they apply to homosexuals. What? He won’t do it? Why on earth, then, is he picking on homosexuals? Is he selecting one sin as being worse than another? Of course he is – and you’ve just called them to the carpet for it. Why is Green allowed to commit some sins yet feel free to condemn someone else’s?

  2. Andy A says:

    You’re right, Caoimhin. Unfortunately, it’s all been sad before. These bigots just don’t want to know. They hold dissonant ideas in their minds. It would be interesting to put your points to him in a public debate.

  3. Matt says:

    The whole bit about Sodom being condemned for sexual sin is incorrect. In the original ancient Hebrew, it was destroyed because of greed.
    Not that matters a bit to groups like SGV.

  4. Paul Tavener says:

    Lets not forget that its also an abomination to eat shellfish. God help us all


  5. Cor, if seeing just two blokes in suits gets this sort of reaction from him, imagine what he’ll be like when he finally gets around to watching Reservoir Dogs.

  6. Stuart says:

    Green feels “queasy” at the sight of two men in wedding clothes? For a man who loves to accuse gays of having “fragile sensibilities” it sure doesn’t take much to make him shiver and retch.

  7. martyn says:

    I’m glad he felt queasy, he now knows how I feel every time I see his complete waste of space form

  8. Rhys says:


    Oddly enough, the religious right seem to be OK with people killing one another. Witness George Bush in America, happily killing people, but decrying homosexuality. As far as I can work out, religion is fine with men holding guns, but not with men holding hands.

    I wonder how that works in their heads.

  9. Steve says:

    I suppose if you told this twat that marriage was originally a civil partnership used to bring local communities closer together before religion got it’s dirty little mitts on to it he would not believe you. It’s in the Bible so it’s Gods creation.

    The very fact that the ceremony is being taken away from religion and back to where it was i.e. for bringing normal people closer together makes me smile. Up yours Green.

  10. Rhys – I was actually referring to the characters (almost) all wearing suits in that film. Though you are right, the chances of Stephen Green throwing a hissy over an explicitly violent plot in a soap opera are slim to none.

  11. Nick says:

    Happy Christmas Steve, envn though your a cunt , all the best to you