Germany seeks Europe-wide holocaust denial law

Germany, which has just taken up presidency of the European Union, is pushing strongly for new laws prohibiting statements and actions which trivialise Nazi crimes and the Holocaust.

Brigitte Zypres, the German justice minister, says:

We believe there are limits to freedom of expression

Attempts to ban Holocaust denial across the EU have failed twice before. Let’s hope they fail again.

3 Responses to “Germany seeks Europe-wide holocaust denial law”

  1. Andy A says:

    I think Holocaust deniers are shits. But governments that seek to deny free speech will decide whom they consider to be shits. It may be you or me tomorrow. All the more reason we have to tolerate the ravings of shits. But the politically correct don’t see it.

  2. Nick says:

    I’m very much with Andy on this. The Holocaust deniers are shits but shut them up and your going down thier road. Let them speak and then people can make up thier own mind.

  3. Argee says:

    The whole point is: If we try to censor things we don’t agree with, we literally admit that our own arguments are so flimsy that they wouldn’t stand up to any scrutiny or debate.

    Holocaust deniers are absolute shits, particularly as they choose to ignore historical facts that are clearly beyond dispute. However, we should never try to censor them, because what’s the point?

    They are delusional and abhorrent bastards, and that they choose to fly in the face of solid facts only goes to paint the rest of everything they say (and I’m thinking particularly of neo-nazi groups here) to be the utter bullshit it also is.

    Don’t censor them! Never, never, never! Just give them enough rope for the insufferable scumbags to hang themselves, and let them do the rest.