Flemming Rose on the Motoons

At a press conference yesterday the arts editor of Jyllands-Posten, Flemming Rose, spoke about last year’s Motoons furore.

The cartoons didn’t create a new reality, they just made an existing reality visible. This reality is about differences in culture that have been taboo to discuss in Europe.

He insisted that he was right to publish the cartoons in the first place, but declined to say whether or not he would publish them again.

The drawings have started a very important debate that will last for many, many years. In the coming years, this will become a bigger discussion.

It’s best to get things like this out in the open.

4 Responses to “Flemming Rose on the Motoons”

  1. Tiger Dunc says:

    Did he publish them knowing that he would cause a furore? – almost certainly.
    Does he every right to publish them? – Too bloody right. Do we owe him a large debt of thanks for demonstrating that the Muslim fundamentalists have an agenda all of their own which totally excludes any notions up on which Western society is built – democracy, freedom of speech and expression etc? Very much so.

    Thank you, Flemming Rose, for having the courage to expose these people for what they are. They are fascists, through and through. They may hide behind a religion rather than political dogma, but the end result is the same. I’d recommend you for an honour, but I’m afraid that they have been so debased here that it wouldn’t be worth much.

    And whislt I’m ranting – Shame on every lilly livered newspaper in the UK which didn’t have the strength or courage to support him. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Andy A says:

    Unfortunately, Tiger, I doubt any will bother to read this. One of the few UK publications to publish any of the toons – indeed, if there were any more – was the Freethinker (http://www.freethinker.co.uk), but you have only to read it a couple of times to see its editor will have no truck with being kind to Islamofascism.

  3. Tiger Dunc says:

    A good rant makes me feel better though Andy. The Freethinker is where I first saw them and I applaud them for standing by their principles. Where was The Guardian? Where was the BBC or Channel 4? Running scared methinks.

  4. Ricky Smith says:

    Absolutely. I’m completely pissed-off with the Guardian in particular; its constant pro-religion stance and its ‘balanced’ articles by bloody vicars. There’s only Poly Toynbee that’s worth reading these days.