Grande Mosque de Paris declares victory

A press release by the Grande Mosque de Paris indicates that questions about the clarity of the Charlie Hebdo verdict are justified.

Dalil Boubakeur, president of the French Council of Muslims, states that the verdict largely justified the action against the publication of the cartoons, which he somewhat hysterically describes as a “deliberate act of racist violence”, and concludes:

The judgement pronounced by the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris serves as an official warning against such acts of aggression in the future

Contrary to previous reports, he does not rule out the possibility of an appeal with with the Union of Islamic Organisations. Though why an appeal would be necessary, considering the verdict was such a great victory, he does not say.

2 Responses to “Grande Mosque de Paris declares victory”

  1. G. Tingey says:

    He’s a religious leader.

    How can you tell he’s lying?
    His lips are moving.

    And AGAIN ( sigh ) “islam” is NOT a race.

  2. I was hithero unaware that drawing cartoons counted as acts of “violence” and “aggression”. Now I know this, I think I’ve worked out a way to cut defence spending – just send the troops out to Basra armed with sketchpads and pens. Even the UK military budget can stretch to that, surely?