What the CCTV doesn’t want you to know

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The swivel-eyed fringe fundamentalists of the Christian Congress for Traditional Values have been off our radar for a while, but their recent campaign against the Sexual Orientation Regulations has brought them back into the firing line.

On March 20 they sent a mailshot out to supporters linking to a video on YouTube entitled “What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know”. This video, which is hilarious and disturbing in equal measure, shows a teacher giving a fictional lesson in sexuality to a group of primary school kids. Bloggerheads has a full transcript, but here are a couple of highlights from the lesson:

It’s important to find out whether you’re gay or bisexual, as all of us are really bisexual; which means that we enjoy having sex with either men or women. Some people are just gay, and some people only have sex with the opposite sex. The important thing to remember is that a family can be anything that you want it to be; it could be two Daddies, or ten Daddies… or you might have two Mummies or lots of Mummies, and lots of Daddies, all enjoying having sex with each other.

Now children, you see this picture here… I’m going to teach you how to experiment with each other’s bodies, to find out whether or not you’re gay. It’s fun to play with each other, and you’ll soon find out whether or not you’re actually gay.

In addition to this video, which appeared on the newly created CCTV channel on YouTube, a host of new commenters appeared to support it. Very little negative reaction was published (MWW’s sarcastic comments, for example, were excluded).

Again, Bloggerheads has recorded the commentary for posterity. Among the most amusing contributions was one which began: “I am gay, and quite happy to be one, but…”.

On Wednesday a delegation from the CCTV demonstrated in Parliament Square with a hearse bearing the words “A good day to bury morality”, and placards reading, among other things, “GAY AIM: ABOLISH THE FAMILY”.

So far, so predictably paranoid. But what has this got to do with MWW? Well, Tim at Bloggerheads made a parody of the video, and also mirrored the original on another YouTube channel. Then, after the regulations had been passed, the original video was removed and Tim got a message from the person responsible demanding that he remove both the mirror and the parody. He did not. But YouTube, following a complaint from the video maker, did.

It seems such a shame that this gross and idiotic video, which so perfectly reflects the nature of the CCTV, should disappear without a trace. We can’t imagine why they would want to suppress their own masterpiece. So it’s up on our Californian servers for any interested party to download as and when they wish.

So why not crack open a bag of popcorn and watch the good Christians of the CCTV in action? .MPG or .WMV.

(Downloads courtesy of Matt Wardman)

9 Responses to “What the CCTV doesn’t want you to know”

  1. Nick says:

    I would take it CCTV is not very satirical or ironic.? If that is the case, then I would suggest that “CCTV promotes child homosexualty” be put about a bit.

  2. Marc says:

    Funny how (we) negative voices get censored… wonder why that is?

  3. BSE says:

    My sarcastic comments were excluded also… particularly the one about children being taught about sex so that they can say “Mummy the priest molested me… AGAIN!!”

    Am still awaiting a reply to my private message laughing at the fact that they lost… Thanks for covering this… it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time…

  4. Liz says:

    I’m confused now. I suddenly don’t know if I’m gay, straight, bi or just bigoted against Christians.

  5. martyn says:

    I think I’m all of the above 😉

  6. martyn says:

    Notice the way they link paedophiles and homosexuality? Just why are the religious so obsessed about paedophiles? Is it that the modern day witch for them now?

  7. Andy A says:

    I’m going to teach you how to experiment with each other’s bodies …

    Hmm. Doesn’t surprse me that that comes from a teacher, who are in my experience of editing MSS the worst for grammar (journalists being a close second). Spotted it yet? Well, how many bodies does each other have, for goodness’ sake?

  8. martyn says:

    I’ve got a spare in the freezer 😉

  9. […] UPDATE: MediaWatchWatch recalls the work of the CCTV: The CCTV has been providing us here at MWW with pleasingly whacky Christian fodder since its inception in March 2005. But they really showed their hateful side with their Gay Aim: Abolish the Family campaign which included posters and a video. […]