Opus Dei complaints rejected by BBC

A complaint by the sinister, secretive, and morally perverse Catholic society Opus Dei about Waking the Dead has been rejected by the BBC. The award-winning drama had depicted Opus Dei as sinister, secretive, and morally perverse.

Andrew Bell, the director of the BBC complaints unit explained that most viewers would not take the programme seriously. Jack Valero, a director of Opus Dei, has vowed to take the matter further.

3 Responses to “Opus Dei complaints rejected by BBC”

  1. Joe says:

    By “take the matter further”, do you think he means “hang Trevor Eve from Blackfriars Bridge with his pockets full of bricks”?

  2. Olly says:

    Can we assume that Mark Thompson will soon be shot by an albino monk? I wouldn’t risk being in the same room as him and Dan Brown if they ever meet.

    But seriously: “sinister, secretive, and morally perverse”? The Catholic Church? Never!

  3. drake says:

    Naturally, it is impossible for Opus Dei to fathom that anyone would not take seriously anything that regards Opus Dei.