Christians are the new Jews, implies Macho George

macho george

An email from reader in Scotland, Andy Gilmour, describes the latest party political broadcast by the Scottish Christian Party. The leader of the SCP is our old pal Rev “So Macho” George Hargreaves, who campaigned against Jerry Springer: the Opera, and sought a private prosecution against the Gay Police Association for it’s “bloody Bible” ad.

The broadcast focuses on the SCP’s sense of persecution as a result of the upcoming Sexual Orientation Regulations:

A party political broadcast from the Scottish Christian Party drawing a parallel between the Nazis’ introduction of a ban on kosher food being followed by the extermination of the Jews, and the impending sexual orientation legislation being followed by, er…some kind of mass assault on christians.

…They even included footage of a Nazi rally in the broadcast…in case we’d all forgotten what they looked like.

Just how low can Hargreaves go?

(The Rev George Hargreaves wrote song “So Macho”,which was a hit for Sinitta in the 80s)

UPDATE: (27 Apr) You can download a video of the broadcast from their site. This is a transcript of the relevant section:
[Footage of Hitler addressing a crowd]
Hargreaves voicover:
“In 1933 Adolf Hitler passed a law saying that kosher food should be banned. Within 10 years he was murdering millions of Jews.”
[Cut back to Hargreaves speaking to camera]
“Next week, on the 30th of April, regulations come in that affect Christians. The Sexual Orientation Regulations come into force….which is the first stage of persecution of christians in this land. Put your cross by the cross!”

(Thanks again, Andy)

19 Responses to “Christians are the new Jews, implies Macho George”

  1. Marc says:

    No no, it’s not Christians. Muslims are the new Jews – it’s no longer anti-semitism, it’s racism dressed up as islamophobia (according to the Muslims on a R4 expose that is).

  2. ZombieHunter says:

    It seems that wheever somebody these days wants you to agree with them that something is wrong they find some way to compare it to the nazis in order to try and get people on their side “Well nazis are bad so this must be bad too”, it’s getting a bit tedious to be honest

  3. Andrew Nixon says:

    Leo Strauss, a political philosopher considered the “nazis did x, therefore x is bad” and related arguments worthy of their own logical fallacy category. See Wikipedia on “Reducto ad Hitlerum”:

  4. Tiger Dunc says:


    The original Godwin’s Law refers specifically to online discussions, however I have no hesitation in co-opting it for a broader discussion, others have done so elsewhere already (And please don’t compare me to a Nazi for doing so).

  5. BSE says:

    After witnessing “cruising” george in his orange jump suit on the SORs protest at parliament stiring up the bigots it seems to me that he really does not know which persecution complex he should be having at the moment…

  6. Joseph says:

    Perhaps he should have stuck with being a songwriter/producer? Nah, actually, probably not.

  7. Stuart says:

    I was horrified to learn a couple of weeks back that Hargreaves ‘discovered his faith’ while still a tax exile over here in the Isle of Man.
    As our Chief Minister (himself a DJ in his earlier years) is never likely to do it, may I say on behalf of all Manx people how sad and sorry we are if we in any way caused the freakshow currently known as Rev. George Hargreaves.

  8. martyn says:

    Kill them all, let their gods sort them out 😉

  9. So what he’s saying with this broadcast is that preventing people from discriminating against others is something that the Nazis would have done? Needs to brush up on his Ian Kershaw, I think. On the positive side, his broadcast sounds so hilariously crazy most people couldn’t possibly take it seriously.

    And a tax exile, eh? Evidently he didn’t get up to the whole “render unto Caesar” part of his Bible.

  10. Joe says:

    I love it when Christians play the ‘persecuted minority’ card. Of course they’re persecuted and hard done by – that’s why there are a dozen Christian bishops in the House of Lords for no reason beyond that they’re bishops.;

  11. Andy Gilmour says:

    Small correction – I’m currently based in Dunfermline, not Weegieland (Glasgow -> Glaswegians -> Weegies, just for those who didn’t know…)

    And being originally from Edinburgh, that’s a truly vicious slander… might as well have compared me to the Nazis…!


    I got one of their pamphlets through the door today – they say that:

    “This is not about homophobia – this is about freedom!”

    although the freedom they are demanding is (and I quote) ‘to teach a schoolchild, who declares him or herself homosexual, that homosexual practices are an “abomination” to God. (Leviticus 18:22)’

    Nothing homophobic or psychologically violent/oppressive going on there, then…

    they also claim that if you head over to their website at

    you can see the election broadcast for yourself…

    as well as witness their other drivel.

    I had a look but it turned out to be a download…hmmm.. do i trust them..???

  12. Andy Gilmour says:

    Ok, here’s the exact quote from the George’s mouth…

    4 minutes into the video:

    (footage of adolf h. addressing…german parliament? party rally? I dunno. but it’s definitely him…)

    “In 1933 Adolf Hitler passed a law saying that kosher food should be banned. Within 10 years he was murdering millions of jews.”

    cut back to George speaking to camera:

    “Next week, on the 30th of april, regulations come in that affect christians. the sexual orientation regulations come into force….which is the first stage of persecution of christians in this land.”

    quality stuff, eh?

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  15. Andy Gilmour says:

    And the results for George from Scotland….

    …nul seats!


  16. BSE says:

    Good. But what are the bets george will say it was a Nazi plot by those homosexualists who rigged the ballott papers and prevented them from getting the seats???? hehehehehe.

    This news made me so happy though… : )

  17. Chirrie says:

    These people are so dangerous.
    They state that over 30,000 people voted for them.
    Bloody hell! That terrifies me to the core.
    Keep the extremeists out! Churches/reglions should stick to the pulpit!
    Mind you that’s a great clause born agains have. Their pasts are wiped clean
    the rest of us mere mortals have to suffer the wrath of God if we don’t follow suit!!

  18. anthony ward says:

    so one of your viewers describes the Christian Party as ‘extreme right wing ‘ – so now its the Christian party who are being compared to the nazis? apart from the fact that it’s leader is black, has many Afro-Carribean supporters, as well as Asian Christian supporters (note its recent candidate in south London also) – as well as white – apart from that ethnically diverse mix I can really see how they could be viewed as nazis! typical of those on the far left to brand anyone with slightly conservative views as nazi – like.

  19. Monitor says:

    Anthony Ward, you are the only person who has compared the Christian Party to the Nazis. Are you suggesting that black and Asian people cannot hold extreme right wing views?