No offence taken in Brighton and Chicago

The relaunched and revamped Freethinker website carries the story of a Brighton art gallery which put on a sacrilegious art exhibition, including a work entitled “Fuck Religion” featuring the Blessed Virgin Mary, and received no complaints at all!

In fact, such was the demand for Dan Baldwin’s work that the limited edition of Fuck Religion sold out on the day – 75 copies at £400 each. Clearly there is money in fucking religion these days.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Jerry Springer: The Opera has had its run extended at Chicago’s Bailiwick Theater due to popular demand. The theater’s artistic director informed MWW that there has not been so much as a squeak of protest from the massive Christian population.

Perhaps the Americans – even those of the fundamentalist Christian variety – have a greater respect for the principle of freedom of speech, as enshrined in their First Amendment, than do our censorious home grown Bible fetishists?

The private prosecution for blasphemy against JS:TO is still pending.

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