Agreeing with Green

MWW is not known for agreeing with Stephen “Dogshit” Green of Christian Stephen Green’s Voice infamy, but for once we do.

The Christian Voice website was shut down by hosts Pipex recently after a complaint by Brighton-based gay newspaper One80News. (no link available) The complaint came after a reader of the paper contacted them saying:

I do think that Christian Voice has broken the rules of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) they use. The site should be pulled or become a subject for investigation by the police.

After the paper contacted Pipex, the site was taken down straight away, but was reinstated four days later. Green himself commented:

A commercial company cannot act as judge and jury unilaterally cutting off valuable web traffic on a whim or because of behind-the-scenes politicking. If they get away with it, every politically incorrect website is at risk.

And as much as it sickens me to say it, I agree with him. As odious and repugnant as I find Green’s views on almost everything, he should retain the right to express those views. After all, if he is silenced, we can’t take the piss out of him!

More at the Freethinker.

6 Responses to “Agreeing with Green”

  1. Stuart W says:

    At least he has had a small dose of his own medicine (remind me what he got his 15 minutes of (in)fame for again?), not that he’ll see it that way of course…

  2. Sam says:

    Of course, I doubt we’d hear him speaking up if the roles were reversed.

  3. marc says:

    I agree with Green’s rights, not Green personally.

  4. Dan Factor says:

    Oh no don’t ban Christian Voice. Where would we get a good laugh every week?

    And worst of all it would make Stephen Green a free speech martyr and boy would he never shut up about that!

  5. Stuart W says:

    Like he doesn’t think that way already Dan! His press releases boasting about the pathetic ‘witnessings’ to London and Brighton Pride smacked of the most pompous delusions of martyrdom you will read in a long time. Even when hardly anyone joins him (which is every time) he seems to think it amounts to some kind of underdog victory.
    Pure comedy hour.

  6. JPS says:

    Hypocritical tosser.