This Rose is blue

So good of John Beyer to keep sensible viewers informed of what’s coming up on the box. This time, he’s opened his Persil-clean mouth to the Daily Mirror, complaining about the utterance of a word (the C-word, to be exact) on an upcoming ITV2 show, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

It stars the former companion Rose in Doctor Who, Billie Piper, who plays Belle de Jour, a modern-day Moll Flanders. According to Piper’s own website, the show is “an illuminating glimpse behind the scenes of the high-class sex trade. It is an insight into the secret life of an extraordinary young woman whose conventional family have no idea that she is leading a double life.”

Has all the ingredients: sex, intrigue and rather gorgeous Billie Piper. But our old chum John is, predictably, not chuffed by what he obviously perceives to be a bit of blue. And he’s told the Daily Mirror so. “This is likely to cause considerable offence,” he says. “ITV and Billie Piper have displayed poor judgement.”

Perhaps he forgot to add “to me” after the word “offence”. He also seems unaware that the show – due to start in the autumn – is on ITV2, not the main, more popular ITV1, and that it’s very unlikely that it’ll be scheduled to compete with CBBC!

Anyway, thanks, John, old chap – we can all look out for it now.

3 Responses to “This Rose is blue”

  1. marc says:

    Good for Billie. There is life after Ginger nuts after all.

  2. Stuart W says:

    Who will it cause offense to? Anyone who doesn’t like the subject matter will choose not to watch it… unless they just need an excuse to complain, natch.

  3. marc says:

    I forgot to add that it must be a slow day down at the Mirror offices if they’re having to resort to quoting Massa Beyer – that’s the job of the Daily Mail isn’t it?