Creationists censor YouTube with false copyright claims

American creationist and convicted fraudster Kent Hovind is managing to censor YouTube critics of his work from behind bars.

His organisation, Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, have produced many anti-evolution videos and unleashed them upon the world without copyright restrictions. All very good for propagating their Biblical message – until, that is, some bright graduate students going by the name of Extant Dodo Productions had the idea of editing them to insert rebuttals of each mendacious argument as it arose, and posted them on YouTube.

CSEM starting sending out threatening letters to Extant Dodo, and forcing YouTube to take down the critical videos by claiming the copyright that they had explicitly given away. Unsurprisingly, the no-copyright disclaimer has just recently disappeared from the CSEM website.

Atheist activists The Rational Response Squad have taken on the case. They claim CSEM have broken the law by making false DMCA requests – a felony under US law. As a result, YouTube have now closed the Rational Response Squad’s account.

If the Rational Responders get their way, Kent won’t be the only Hovind in jail before the Rapture happens.

3 Responses to “Creationists censor YouTube with false copyright claims”

  1. marc says:

    More power to the Rational Responders.

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  3. Save the court systems time and the taxpayers money and just toss the entire Hovind clan behind bars and misplace the key. We’re tired of their lies penetrating the minds of impressionable young children. No one is safe; you hear the lies sitting in a church pew on Sunday and by perusing YouTube. It must stop.