Beyer doesn’t like Fanny

Fanny Hill, one of the most notorious novels of all time, which was banned in the UK in 1749 and in the USA in 1821 has been adapted for a new two part TV adaptation on BBC4 by Andrew Davies, the BAFTA award winning dramatist of Bleak House and Pride and Prejudice.

The Daily Telegraph describe what sounds like a very “interesting” program:

Within the opening 10 minutes, the 15-year-old Fanny, played by the 22-year-old unknown Rebecca Night, is being seduced by a woman in a brothel.

In other scenes Fanny is shown naked, losing her virginity and fighting off a rapist. Fanny and several of the other female characters appear topless during the drama and scenes of orgies that follow.

Obviously Telegraph Arts and Media Editor Chris Hastings needed to pad out his article a little, so he called “Massah” John Beyer for a suitably outraged quote. Beyer predictably provides one:

However, John Beyer, the director of Mediawatch-UK, the viewers’ watchdog, last night accused the BBC of investing in sleaze so it could raise the profile of BBC4, the digital channel on which the programme will be screened.

He said: “At a time when resources are short I am surprised that the BBC wants to invest in this kind of sleaze. It is just a promotion for prostitution.”

Beyer seems to be setting himself up as a campaigner for reducing costs at the BBC, as a recent comment (also from the Telegraph, they must have a hotline to Beyer!) on the BBC increasing its repeats also shows. It would be a noble campaign if it wasn’t for the fact that his idea for reducing costs involves not showing anything that offends him.


7 Responses to “Beyer doesn’t like Fanny”

  1. marc says:

    Sounds like a hoot. Thanks to Beyer again for letting us know when we can catch a bit of soft-core porn on the licence payer. LOL!

  2. Ian Charles says:

    Will be watching this now!

  3. Cabalamat says:

    I think it’s absolutely disgusting the amount of filth, depravity and lesbian sex on TV. There’s nowhere near enough.

  4. martyn says:

    Fanny Hill, sounds like Beyers place of residence

  5. Stuart W says:

    Fighting off a rapist sounds like such a glamourous promotion for prostitution doesn’t it?
    How is Media-Watch ‘the viewers’ watchdog? Yes, I’m sure Joe Public will be fuming about saucy naked women on TV.

  6. Dan Factor says:

    I wonder if Beyer can explain what possible reason the BBC or any other broadcaster could have for “promoting” prostitution.
    Oh of course, to push the government’s “lefty librel politically correct agenda”. Oh silly me!

    The Beeb aint promoiting anything! Beyer’s doing all the promoting..of himself and mediawatch-uk!

  7. Alan Connor says:

    Metro has asked MW about a BBC anti-AIDS campaign.