Dog Shit doesn’t get the point

Stephen “Dog Shit” Green wants to achieve the impossible and stop young people from being naturally attracted to each other’s choice portions and dangly bits.

While chastity until an age at which a young person is more “responsible” (whatever that means, in reality) is an ideal, we know it is an unrealistic goal.

But Dog Shit has been sounding off again after a bit of a silence – bemoaned recently on this blog – and he’s now been wheeled on to comment on whether boys as well as girls should be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer in women.

It’s called the human papilloma virus, and can be transmitted to unvaccinated partners.immunisation.jpg

Ministers in the UK reckon around 700 lives a year can be saved by giving the jab to girls aged 12 – but Cancer Research UK say boys aged 12 and 13 should have one, too, because maximising the number of recipients would increase immunity across the population, according to a story on

“Not vaccinating boys will increase the risk that homosexual men will become infected,” Dr Anne Szarewski of Cancer Research UK told GP magazine.

Ah! That’s it. That’s why Stephen Green’s had a say. The magic word “homosexual”. It’s all making sense now. No wonder he’s so eager to do his bit for fine, upstanding Christians. (Psst. The man protesteth too much, methinks.)

While there’s controversy over whether the programme should stick to girls and leave boys out of the reckoning, that’s on scientific grounds, and not the job of this blog to opine on. What DS is talking about is the usual Christian chastity thing.

It’ll lead to more sexual activity among young people, he reckons. Er, like, it’s not happening already?

“Giving the vaccine to boys as well as girls would simply encourage promiscuity among boys,” he is quoted as saying. “What these vaccines do is bring about a false sense of security.

“Boys are simply going to think, ‘I’m all right now’ and will take more risks. Surely a better way would be for schools to put more effort into promoting a lifestyle of chastity.”

Well, quite right, Stephen. Every 12-year-old boy has heard of the human papilloma virus and just can’t wait to have an inoculation against it. None of them have been going about doing what boys do once a new hormonal agenda takes over in their young lives.

Ah, but of course. DS would want it taught from a biblical perspective. And how old were girls in those far-off idyllic days when they became mothers?

2 Responses to “Dog Shit doesn’t get the point”

  1. marc says:

    That would be 12 or 13 typically, whenever they passed puberty in fact, for those who didn’t know. In fact this was commonplace until a few hundred years ago and still goes on in some parts of the world.

  2. marc says:

    What do you think Dog Shit will think of this: The Ig Noble prize for peace goes to, “The US Air Force Wright Laboratory for instigating research and development on a chemical weapon that would provoke widespread homosexual behaviour among enemy troops.”

    Perish the thought that someone drops that bomb behind my lines.