Motoons news: leader of Islamic world in denial

Dr Ekmeliddin Ihsamoglu, the General Secretary of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, played a major role in turning the publication of the Danish cartoons into worldwide political clash. He saw the chance to use the Motoons as a means to effect an international law against blasphemy – something the OIC had been trying to do for years.

Using the type of veiled threat common is cases such as these, Ihsamoglu wrote to the Danish prime minister urging him to take action to avoid further “escalation”. When no action was forthcoming, he stirred up outrage at a Mecca meeting of the OIC.

So, having kicked up such a stink, does the good Doctor accept any responsibility for the resulting smell? Karsten Kjaer put the question to him in the Bloody Cartoons documentary.


Either Ekmeliddin Ihsamoglu is guilty of political dissembling, or he has a remarkable capacity for self-deception.

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  1. marc says:

    I can’t see the video, but I’m guessin that question is rhetorical.