“Christians Savaged at Carnegie Hall”

Yes, Jerry Springer: the Opera is still making waves. The American public proved admirably sanguine when the allegedly blasphemous stage show was going through an extended run in Chicago last summer; there was not so much as a squeak of protest. We put it down to a constitutional respect for free speech.

How could we forget about the clownish wannabe Irishman and leader of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue? In a press release hilariously entitled “Christians Savaged at Carnegie Hall” he says,

Never before in its illustrious history has Carnegie Hall been home to Christian bashing, but that is all about to change on January 29 and 30. Incredibly, it is allowing a patently obscene and viciously anti-Christian musical to be performed on its stage. Thus has it got into bed with the bigots, making a mockery of art in the process. This isn’t art—it’s license.

Watch out for pickets on Seventh Avenue next week!

2 Responses to ““Christians Savaged at Carnegie Hall””

  1. marc says:

    Shit. I thought for a moment that someone had really let the lions loose on a bunch of innocent evangilists. Not even the Romans did that.

  2. sean says: