Sunday news briefs

Bishop Nazir-Ali of Rochester, having made some comments critical of the socially divisive effects of Islamic extremism, gets death threats. The letters “Q”, “E” and “D” spring to mind.

Channel 4’s Undercover Mosque, which recorded imams making hateful speeches to congregations in a Birmingham mosque and was as a result subjected to a slanderous barrage of abuse from Muslim groups and – most outrageously – a display of gesture-policing in the form of a bogus investigation by the West Midlands Police, has been nominated for a Royal Television Society award.

Mediawatch-UK, the self-appointed authorities on what adults should and should not be permitted to watch on TV and in cinemas, is urging Catholics to support a private members bill by Julian Brazier MP (Canterbury), which aims to make the British Board of Film Classification more accountable to Parliament. They hope this will help stem the tide of filth engulfing the nation as a direct result of the BBFC’s depraved libertinism.

Legalistic cyber-bullying raises its pig-ugly head again, this time in the form of a lawyer’s letter from Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) to Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads. Tim had posted an article accusing Guido of “stealing images and bandwidth”. Bartholomew notes with some amusement, Staines has already admitted to “ripping off images” anyway. But the real point is that the firing off of intimidating lawyer’s letters over such a trivial matter is the act of a cry-baby slimeball which brings shame upon us all. Grow up, Staines.

5 Responses to “Sunday news briefs”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    Make the BBFC more accountable to Parliament?

    Or make the BBFC more accountable to Tory MPs, the Daily Mail and Mediawatch UK?

    Go figure.

  2. marc says:

    Dan… you cynic! 😉

  3. n says:

    As far as the website is concerned – it’s just a blog, how many people read it anyway? Alexa rating is 3.8 million. And my LiveJournal gets more comments! It’s easy to think that these blogs speak for all catholics or are some sort of official organisation, but it may just be some random blog.

    The more worrying thing is just how much Mediawatch are lobbying this thing. I know from their petition to criminalise possession of “extreme” and hardcore porn, even though I could find little publicity on the web, the numbers quickly shot up. Sadly they seem to have established distribution lists to publicise such things, and I fear they’ll get lots of do-gooder prudes writing to their MPs. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to take much for this Government to think they have “public support”…

  4. septicisle says:

    One wonders who exactly threatened the Bishop – the BNP types seem to have far more to gain from it. Are the Islamists really that stupid? Don’t answer that.

  5. G. Tingey says:

    I would remind you all that saying THIS:
    “Freedom and tolerance extend both ways.

    So, the islamofascists are free to promulgate their misogynistic, mediaeval, murderous and intolerant religion.
    I am equally free to publicly state that, since there isn’t a god at all, Mahmud made it all up, when he wasn’t perfoming paedophile acts …..”

    Gets you permanently BANNED from the Guardian, for being … “is clearly racist”.

    And no, I’m not making this up, and I can produce the correspondence.