Countdown of defiance

Stephen “Dog Shit” Green, national director of Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice), has set up a digital counter on the CV website which keeps track of the length of time an art collector continues to defy the will of Stephen Green.

Anita Zabludowicz is the billionaire owner of a statue by Terence Koh which depicts Jesus (the semi-mythical figurehead upon whom the religion of Christianity is based) with an erection. It was displayed earlier this year at Gateshead’s Baltic art gallery.

As we reported in January, Stephen Green was “hurt and disappointed” that the Jewish collector should show such insensitivity, especially as “only last year [Stephen Green] drove 250 miles to deliver clothing for Jewish relief charities.”

The web timer indicates:

Time which billionaire Jewish art collector (and friend of the Chief Rabbi) Anita Zabludowicz has had to destroy her blasphemous, pornographic statue of Jesus Christ with a phallus attached, since getting it back from the Baltic Centre in Gateshead at 6.00pm on Saturday 20th January 2008.

It is accurate to the second.

MWW enlisted the help of Terence Koh to track down an image of the statue in question. The artist is slightly frustrated that the piece has been removed from its context of a much larger installation, but believes that the giggles it has given him since outweigh the annoyance.

So, applying the principle of the “naughty step”, whereby the object of the religionist’s offence is given wider exposure than it would have had if the offended had not kicked up a fuss and made unreasonable demands, sit on this, Stephen Green, and think about what you have done:
jesus’ erection and stephen green

5 Responses to “Countdown of defiance”

  1. marc says:

    Did you see the Daily Mail piece suggesting how we Brits couldn’t tell fact from fiction? Green must have been one of those people surveyed.

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  3. martyn says:

    Marc, go wash your eyes out with soap, daily mail indeed!

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