Bomb in Copenhagen, Ban Ki-Moon says respect religion

A tannning centre is Copenhagen was destroyed by a bomb on Wednesday, and another was torched yesterday. The Jyllands-Posten reports that the incidents are not thought to be acts of terrorism, but Jakob Illeborg at the Guardian thinks otherwise.

Meanwhile UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has announced that he

strongly believes that freedom of expression should be exercised responsibly and in a way that respects all religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, he did not explain why.

9 Responses to “Bomb in Copenhagen, Ban Ki-Moon says respect religion”

  1. marc says:

    Obviously he doesn’t realise how counter-productive that believe is.

  2. marc says:

    Sorry, that should have been belief. Damn I hate wordpress sometimes.

  3. marvin says:

    The spineless twat should be saying religious people should not try and kill people who mock their beliefs.

  4. jr says:

    If freedom of expression should respect ALL religious beliefs that includes the beliefs that women should be mutilated, that gays should be stoned, that non believers should be blown up… What about saying that god botherers should respect human rights first?

  5. jr says:

    I’ve written to the UN to ask if the Sec Gen advocates respecting religious beliefs that infringe human rights. One expects shit like this from the General Assembly but I find it sinister that its coming from the SG.

  6. Sam says:

    Why? Because he doesn’t want every Muslim country calling for his resignation and/or not cooperating with the UN. He’s a diplomat.

  7. Strappado says:

    The headline should read: “Bomb in Copenhagen, Ban Ki-Moon says respect religion, or else”

  8. G. Tingey says:

    Erm …
    How can one respect ALL religious beliefs?

    Just being a christian will offedn a devout muslim, and vice versa.
    This is wihout going int judaism, wicca, animism, shinto etc ……

    This is impossible codswallop.
    So why don’t the political idiots realise this?

  9. Geoff says:

    I think that we should all live together in harmony whatever the religion or not as the case may be!