Danish boycott off to a shaky start in ME

The proposed boycott of Danish goods by Islamic countries has met with a lukewarm response, at least in Bahrain and Dubai.

Many Bahraini retailers have said they intend to continue to stock Danish products. In Dubai, Gulf News spoke to shoppers, who were by no means united in their support for th boycott:

Adelfried Saidely from Iraq, for example, said:

I am against the ban simply for the reason that I think it is an exaggerated reaction to an issue that has already been given more prominence than it deserves. The Danish newspapers are simply adding fuel to the fire and trying to gain maximum publicity for their respective organisations.

One Response to “Danish boycott off to a shaky start in ME”

  1. Stuart H. says:

    If bacon and lager are the main Danish exports and Muslims aren’t supposed to touch them, how can anyone tell if a black market is being boycotted?