Russian protestants try to shut down cartoon channel

The Moscow Times reports that the Consultative Council of the Heads of Protestant Churches have sent a letter to the Prosecutor General calling for the closure of 2X2, and independent cartoon channel.

The channel promotes “cruelty, violence, homosexual propaganda, religious hatred and intolerance” by broadcasting South Park.

5 Responses to “Russian protestants try to shut down cartoon channel”

  1. Gib says:

    They should actually watch the show and understand it.

    Cruelty ? No, it might show it, but it does not promote it.
    Violence ? Same.
    Homosexual propaganda ? If “propaganda” means treating people like equals, then they’re guilty.
    Religious hatred ? Appropriate lack of respect certainly. Hatred ? Definately not.
    Intolerance ? Emphatically not. They’re all for tolerance. It’s the heads of the protestant churches that are against tolerance.

  2. marc says:

    The Bible does all those things in various ways.

  3. Bob says:

    Its the same problem with Computer game issues. Small minds cannot grasp the fact that showing something doesn’t mean Promoting something. As marc states, if the Bible in all its murderous glory were cartoonised, it would be far worse than anything currently shown. Mass murder, child murder, intolerance, racial/ religious hatred, religious hypocrasy and government corruption are just a few of the fun bits.

  4. Stuart H. says:

    Change the word ‘homosexual’ to ‘homophobic’ and it sounds pretty much like Russian church product on an average Sunday – as opposed to one when they’re whipping up hatred

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