P**sy Parlure self-censored for sake of St Peter

The Freethinker today carries a tale of self-censorship in Brighton.

The Pussy Parlure, a mirrored travelling theatre taking part in the city’s Fringe Festival, was to be set up in council-owned grounds adjacent to St Peter’s church. But the parish council expressed its concern that the venue was “too risque” and will offend members of the public who mistakenly believe the lawn is sacred ground.”


Now it appears that the show’s owner has agreed to drop the word “pussy” – even though it referred to cats. All advertisements for the acts state that they will take place in the “Parlure”.

As Barry Duke, The Freethinker editor, says:

This is outrageous! Yielding to pressure from a church is bad enough, but capitulating to one typified by its profusions of phallic projections and named after a Peter – a popular slang term for penis – is intolerable.

4 Responses to “P**sy Parlure self-censored for sake of St Peter”

  1. marc draco says:

    Eeek! Even MWW has had to self-censure. What is wordpress coming to?

  2. Aharon says:

    I placed the following at the freethinker, might be applicable for some readers here..(?)

    Yes, very good point!

    If you want, as I did, to register your objections to the council’s behaviour, you might want to give Ian Taylor an email or a buzz – he is the outdoor events tszar.
    email – ian.taylor@brighton-hove.gov.uk
    phone – 01273 292711

    It might be a good idea to give him a bit of a head ache, so next time when anti-skeptical, superstition and ignorance merchants come knocking in – Ian might think more carefully about who it might be easier to dismiss…

    It might also be woth while giving your councillor a call and press on her/him to have a word with Ian Taylor..

    Find your councillor from:

  3. marc says:

    I slapped off a quickie here:

    “I hope you’re ashamed Ian – caving in to a bunch of fairy stories. How objectionable was it when Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) made continued references to her “pussy” (CAT) duing the long running sitcom, ‘Are You Being Served?’

    Christians have to adopt a place in this secular society and every time you cave into their puerile demands, you just dignify their petite little grievances. I hope I don’t hear of another.”

    and received the following response within minutes from Mr Taylor:

    “There appears to be some text missing. Please can you send me the complete version so I may respond accordingly. My attention is always grabbed when I’m told I should be ashamed of myself.”

    Looks like he’s on the ball. 😉

  4. marc draco says:

    Official word from Ian Taylor at Brighton Council:

    “Don’t know who your sources are but I can assure you that a) I did not censure the Pussy Parlure and b) even if I wanted to ( which I wouldn’t )I do not have those kind of powers. There were certainly conversations about the name but the decision must have been the organisers after conversations with or in deference to the Parish Council – to which I do not belong.”