Beyond Fitna – Iran’s answer to Wilders

In a hilarious display of childishness, an Iranian organisation called “NGO Islam and Christianity” has begun production of a filmic response to Geert Wilders’ Fitna which will show how the Bible incites Christians to violence.

Fars News Agency reports:

Beyond Fitna focuses on the orders given to worldwide Christians in the (distorted version of) Bible for stoking violence, committing genocide, attacking others, beheading and burning women and children who have been taken into captivity.

The documentary recycles film clips from crimes committed by extremist Christians under the inspirations of the said Bible teachings, and aims to provide a response to the allegations made by Pope Benedict XVI, who called Islam a religion of violence after misunderstanding certain Organic verses.

That’ll get the Christians onto the streets calling for boycotts against Iran and prosecution of the film’s producers. Oh, wait. No it won’t.

We haven’t seen such a shaming example of playground tit-for-tat since the an Iranian organisation set up the Holocaust cartoon competition in revenge for the Danish Motoons.

The world laughed at them that time, too. Will they never learn?

3 Responses to “Beyond Fitna – Iran’s answer to Wilders”

  1. Stuart H. says:

    As Harry Hill would say “There’s only one way to settle this…..fight, fight….!”

  2. Aharon says:

    A bit of a fars, isn’t it.. 😉

  3. Britannia says:

    I hope they do go ahead and make this film just to stir things up a bit. But hang on… Aren’t christians barking mad bigots just like the muzzies?