Muslim countries call for prosecution of Wilders

With the kind of chutzpah that only the religiously convicted can muster, the Islamic nations – including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Indonesia – are citing “human rights” in their efforts to get the Dutch government to prosecute Geert Wilders.

Yes, those hotbeds of torture, censorship, and religious discrimination are lecturing the Netherlands about human rights – and using the increasingly preposterous UN Human Rights Council as a platform from which to do so.

Criticising the recent decision by the Hague District Court to uphold Wilders’ right to free speech, Omar Shalaby of the Egyptian delegation said this:

This ruling may suggest that the judiciary is out of touch with the relevant international and regional obligations and jurisprudence in the field of human rights.

Since the OIC has turned the Human Rights Council into a thoroughly discredited laughing stock, the further “out of touch” with its influence democratic judiciaries remain the better.

6 Responses to “Muslim countries call for prosecution of Wilders”

  1. Stuart H. says:

    Some Saudi convicts probably feel a mite out of touch with international human rights legislation.
    Hard to touch anything with your hands missing.

  2. Britannia says:

    Geert Wilders held up a mirror and the muzzies don’t like what they see. Tough!

  3. johnjohn says:

    Louise Arbour & War Crimes (hers)

  4. martyn says:

    PROSECUTE Geert Wilders?
    What’s up with that lot all of a sudden? I thought the standard answer to all problems for this particular brand of god bothering eejits was death. Offspring from 13 year old wife the wrong sex, kill it, 13 year old wife looked at another man the wrong way? kill her. Someone else not share your demented views? Kill them. Parked on a red route? Kill them.

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  6. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Yes. I suppose they’ll want the Dutch government to impose the death penalty as well…..