Cardiff shaggers get told off

Uproar at the Welsh National Assembly, where S4C obtained permission to film a few scenes of the drama Caerdydd, one of which turned out to be a “love scene” in a baby-changing room.

The scene shows a couple sneaking into the changing room for a passionate encounter. There is no nudity.

By “uproar” we mean couple of angry quotes – one from Conservative AM William Graham, and one from rent-a-prude John Beyer of Mediawatch UK.

Said the Tory,

This is obviously unpleasant and unnecessary. Potentially it’s distressing for people who don’t like the idea of one of the buildings they funded being used in this way. […] One doesn’t want censorship but nothing that is controversial or concerning should happen. […] My mother would be outraged – and I think rightly so.

One wonders why, if Graham’s mother is right to be outraged, Graham himself does not seem to be? Is he trying to give the impression that while he himself is urbane and unshockable, it is nevertheless righteous to be “outraged” by such things?

Beyer was no doubt grateful for the opportunity to do a bit of finger-wagging:

I hope the Welsh Assembly will be cautious next time – if there is a next time – and I think other people who are responsible for public buildings will take note.

He’s been a bit quiet of late.

6 Responses to “Cardiff shaggers get told off”

  1. Stuart H. says:

    Thought the room was for changing babies, not making them.
    Sounds like Graham ought to be more worried about Welsh sex education if they think things happen that way round down in Cardiff.

  2. Stuart W says:

    ‘One doesn’t want censorship but nothing that is controversial or concerning should happen.’

    That’s some opposition to censorship, then!
    Who is his mother, Hyacinth Bucket?

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  4. Chris Hughes says:

    “…the National Assembly was told that this scene was a conversation scene”

    I seem to remember that at one time, illicit intercourse was known as ‘criminal conversation’ in the divorce courts.

  5. Scaryduck says:

    “A conversation scene”, otherwise known as “Ugandan discussions”, as any Private Eye reader will tell you.

  6. Tony says:

    What disturbs me is the fact that this, allegedly, grown man worries about what ‘mummy’ will think. I bet he stutters every time he has to say ‘sex’.