Blasphemy on the menu offends Bangalore Sikhs

Sikhs have been demonstrating in Bangalore because the menu card of a restaurant contained symbols and jokes with “hurt the sentiments of the community”.

Gurudwara Committee president Gursharan Singh:

A picture on the card shows the holy Kirpan (sword) and turban kept along with the footwear, which hurts our sentiments. The Kirpan and turbans are highly revered symbols of our religion. The menu card projects Sikhs in a bad light.

Nobody should hurt sentiments of other communities. If the hotel management fails to tender a public apology through media or send a written apology to the Gurudwara, Bangalore’s Sikh community – comprising 8,000 members – will stage a massive dharna to prevent them from carrying out their business

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5 Responses to “Blasphemy on the menu offends Bangalore Sikhs”

  1. Britannia says:

    This behaviour is becoming commonplace, with the religious poring over the minutiae in hope that they will find something in which to take offence. What about the very offensive content of religious texts many of which condone genocide, murder, rape, torture?

  2. Steve says:

    And the totally unveiled threats of if you don;t do what we say we will put you out of business…and religions are supposed to be tolerant? Yeah, right. I expected a bit more out of Sikhs but they are all the same when you get down to it.

  3. Mr. Singh says:

    Steve/ Britannia, you obviously don’t know anything about India. The people that put these “jokes” in their literature know exactly what they are doing and it is the same as how “blacks” were portrayed in a stereotyped and prejudiced way in the early part of the 19th century in the US.

    It is a deliberate attempt to disparage Sikhs in the same bigoted manner.

    Mr. Singh

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  5. Jamie says:

    Do we have nothing better to do in our society, no greater purpose and are we so weak and pathetic that we become consumed in the trite drivel of who offended who and then become total hypocrites and take the high ground and treaten openly the livelyhood or life of another human because we were “deliberately” offended. Just grow up all you insecure and purpoless men. Start thinking for yourselves if its not too scary a thought and stop hiding behind a region of one sort or another. Isnt it about time you stopped believing in fairy tales, gods and santa claus and took a real stance in the world for decency for all people, or do you chose to become another politically correct clone? be a man and stand up for decency to all, the protection of women and children in all societies and decent and fair treatment of all no mater their religion race or sex. You are all so far behind the 8 ball it beggars belief when you hang onto this ridiculous notion that everything is offensive. If you are strong and a man then you will have both understanding and empathy for others, not a willingness to shut up everyone who has an opinion or even a dislike for your values and or religion. Sticks and stones my boy, sticks and stones. What would Barack Obama say to this? Jamie