The Nekschot 8

Finally, thanks to Rogier over at Nobody’s Business, we have scans of the eight cartoons Gregorius Nekschot was forced to remove from his website.

It is interesting to note which cartoons were not censored by the Dutch authorities. The ones which would cause the most offence to Muslims as Muslims are not present here – depictions of Mohammed having varieties of sex with little Aisha, for example, were left alone. The cartoons the authorities have singled out for censorship are more racially than religiously offensive: sponging foreign goat-fuckers mugging us indigenous whites and abusing our women.

But however much you may object to Nekschot’s message, the principle remains the same: you don’t arrest cartoonists just because you don’t like their politics.

And in the age of the internet, attempts at censorship are counter-productive.

The Xmas Imam wishes you blessed holidays and … a propitious 1426
“This is only the 2nd generation”
“Dough, man… Dough!!”nekschot3
Muslim Democratic Party presents its logo.
Mrs. El Ouroubouro née Klapstra
“Dutch people should learn to adapt a little bit more. At least you can learn something from corrective slaps”
Ali El Wakkie practices Islamic charity
“It is my duty to help this constipated bear.”
Why muslim youth identify with Palestinians:
“hanging ’round…
don’t go to school…
no homework…
provoke the police…
collect welfare…”
Now also a slavery monument for indigenous white tax payers
Ali is plenty comfortable on his ottoman
“Nowhere does the Koran say you have to do something in return for 30 years of receiving welfare.”

4 Responses to “The Nekschot 8”

  1. Dan Smith says:

    Surely Gregorius Nekschot’s cartoons would go down well in a Combat 18 newsletter? I’ve seen cartoons with EXACTLY the same themes in both the Mail and the Star. The drawings more family friendly but the message(s) exactly the same.
    I’ve yet to see any mainstream British media publishing particularly vicious cartoons of Jews or Christians or homosexuals. Does it happen in other Europena countries? How does Gregorius Nekschot portray Gay people? As AIDS infected scum ?

  2. […] Business (via) has scans of the eight cartoons Gregorius Nekschot was forced to remove from his […]

  3. marc draco says:

    Can we have some anti-religious ones now? I could use a good laugh at the expense of a few radical Muslim clerics.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Comparisons with Combat 18 are really misplaced. Have a look at The captions are mostly in Dutch, but you will be able to make out that Nekschot insults just about anything and anyone, including right-wing ideologies. Perhaps I should say, especially right-wing ideologies, which includes islamo-fascism as well as the more traditional Combat-18 type. A frequent complaint about the cartoonist is that he is not motivated by idealism or ideology. In my view, this may actually be to his credit.