Christian Voice to challenge Muslim “no-go areas”

The story of the two Christian preachers told by police to leave the predominantly Muslim area of Alum Rock in Birmingham has been reported widely on the internet.

Muslim police community support officer named Naeem Naguthney reacted to a couple of evangelising Christians by doing a bit of evangelising of his own, eventually warning them that they could be “beat up” if they continued to commit the “hate crime” of trying to convert Muslims. He was aided in his efforts by two other officers, one of them a full constable, who told the preachers not to return to the area. The West Midlands Police, who have not apologised to the preachers, say Naguthney “has been offered guidance about what constitutes a hate crime and advice on communication style”.

While it is important to note that this story is being used scurrilously by those seeking to push the idea that there are such things as “Muslim no-go areas”, that should not detract from the fact that there is an alarming trend among police forces – particularly, it has to be said, the West Midlands Police – to try to silence religious or anti-religious speech.

So it will be interesting to see the reactions to Stephen “Bird Shit” Green, director of Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice), and his cronies when they go to Alum Rock on a “Gospel outreach” at 10am on Saturday 14th June. They have, of course, every right to be there. Will the WMP recognise that right?

6 Responses to “Christian Voice to challenge Muslim “no-go areas””

  1. marc draco says:

    Ironically, I suspect, the cops are right: for the wrong reasons.

    To me, this is all because some fucking idiot thought a multi-cultural society was a good idea… multi-race, sure.. but multi-faith is asking for trouble and now look.

  2. Rik Hemsley says:

    ‘Stephen “Bird Shit” Green’

    You’ll be calling him a smelly poo head next.

  3. Stuart H. says:

    As British Muslims (from decades of encountering racism) have such a strong self-help culture then if these two dopey bastards had just been allowed to wander around the locals would have taken pity on confused and elderly white farts reduced to begging door to door.
    Might even have been a few comments about ‘tragedy the way these Christians abandon their elders’.

  4. jr says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they stopped the god botherers ringing my doorbell. Especially before about 11.30 on Saturdays. Also the cunts selling cavity wall insulation.

  5. EvilEuropean says:

    Is this the same force that does nto like people criticising scientology?

  6. me says:

    Muslims should not be permitted to be cops, and, Muslims should be sent back to the middle east, or killed. That’s their choice. They will destroy all of human civilization if they are left to complete jihad against humanity. Their hate is beyond reproach.