Danish embassy bombed

A car bomb exploded near the Danish embassy in Islamabad yesterday, killing at least six and injuring 30. Nobody is yet sure who is responsible, but al-Qaida is the main suspect, and anger at this little cartoon seems likely to be the cause:
Oh dear. There we go printing offensive doodles again. They do seem determined to keep this image in the spotlight, don’t they?

Incidentally, Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who drew the above portrait, won the Danish Free Press Society’ Sappho Award a couple of weeks ago. The $4,200 prize was presented by a Muslim actor called Farshad Kholghi, who said he was proud of Westergaard.

Kholghi does a decent Elvis.

One Response to “Danish embassy bombed”

  1. Britannia says:

    Again, the ‘religion of peace’ bullies and bombs to get its way. Wouldn’t it be great, if in a show of solidarity against these delusional savages, all newspapers, magazines and TV companies displayed the cartoons.