Another Motoons lawsuit kicked out of court

Toonophobes in Denmark have failed once again in their attempts to prosecute the Jyllands-Posten for printing the 12 Motoons.

The Western High Court in Aarhus upheld last year’s ruling, saying it was not proven that the JP’s purpose was to depict Muslims as criminals and terrorists. Acts of terror have been carried out in the name of Islam, and it was not illegal in Denmark to draw cartoons which illustrate that.

In spite of this being the umpteenth time these clowns have had this simple principle explained to them, they still do not seem to have grasped the concept. Mohammed Nehme, a spokesman for the Islamic Faith Community, said:

We are very disappointed and sad about the outcome. We had hoped it would be in our favor but now we have the court’s word that what they did was in order.

And yet they still haven’t decided whether or not to appeal to the Supreme Court. Go on, Mohammed. You’ve already spent a fortune on lessons, so you really should keep going until you learn.

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