Mayo man-kiss ad pulled


The above advert for Heinz Deli Mayo has been withdrawn four weeks before the end of its run because of “consumer complaints”.

Apparently the image of two men kissing was regarded as “inappropriate”, “offensive”, and “unsuitable to be seen by children” by more than 200 viewers, putting it on course to be the most complained about advert this year.

UPDATE: (26 June) The ad created quite a splash in the USA, too. The American Family Association and Fox’s Bill O’Reilly expressed their outrage.

Randy Sharp of the AFA:

What does mayonnaise have to do with homosexuals and their lifestyle?

10 Responses to “Mayo man-kiss ad pulled”

  1. Feòrag says:

    Does this mean that under recent anti-discrimination legislation, that any kissing in advertisements is now offensive?

  2. neil h. says:

    Oh, for fucks sake! What sort of ridiculous world are we in where two men sharing a fairly chaste peck is regarded as something shocking? I’ve seen the advert, and if anything is offensive it’s that the ‘mum’ is making the sandwiches for the family while the dad goes out to work.

  3. D-Notice says:

    I hadn’t seen this advert. So in a way I’m glad it’s been pulled as it’s been brought to my attention

  4. Britannia says:

    What is the matter with people, being ‘gay’ is nothing new.
    Those ‘over 200 complaints’ are usually made up of a co-ordinated right wing christian and muslim campaign that works like this: One of the bigots sees the advertisements and then emails or ‘phones their fellow bigots to write and complain, hence a disproportionate number of complainants. I thought the advertisement a bit naff if anything.
    So many christians but too few lions!

  5. Stuart H. says:

    All this because Judas snogged Jesus for cash?

  6. The “unsuitable to be seen by children” line is funny because they weren’t able to show it on childrens TV due to high sugar/salt content.

  7. Steve says:

    I think Stonewall have scored an own goal calling Heinz homophobic for pulling the advert…um, Heinz MADE the advert in the first place. I hardly think they would have two blokes kissing in an advert if they were homophobic. Stonewall should be thanking them and castigating the 200 people who sent the letters which forced Heinz to remove the ad. It shows that homophobia is still alive and well and the whole affair should have been a rallying point for Stonewall who should have got behind Heinz(as it were).

  8. Phil says:

    “What does mayonnaise have to do with homosexuals and their lifestyle?”

    Oh no he di’n’t! *snaps fingers, bobs head furiously from side to side*

  9. Cheryl says:

    This Heinz Boycott is a HOAX.
    Stonewall have played the British public good and proper.

  10. Jake the Rat says:

    “What does mayonnaise have to do with homosexuals and their lifestyle?”