Bailiffs knock on Stephen Green’s door

The latest news from our “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” department is that bailiffs have paid a visit to Stephen “Birdshit” Green, the national director of failed fundie lobby group Stephen “Birhshit” Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice), on behalf of Mark Thompson.

They served him a statutory demand for £55,000 – Thompson’s legal costs. The co-defendant in the blasphemy case, John Thoday, has yet to claim his £35,000.

Curiously, the press release on CV’s website is still telling lies about the production Jerry Springer: The Opera:

Jerry Springer the Opera portrayed Jesus Christ as a nappy-wearing sexual deviant

In fact, as has been pointed out to Green several times to no avail, the Jesus Christ character was wearing a loincloth.

Is it any wonder God is so angry with Green when he keeps breaking the 9th Commandment like that?

11 Responses to “Bailiffs knock on Stephen Green’s door”

  1. BSE says:

    This year is turning out to be rather miraculous. Bigotreid and Birdshit both shooting their own feet off! Perfect!

    Todays guardian made me laugh as well:

    “On Sunday evening, a lone campaigner stood outside St Mary’s church, Putney. Stephen Green, a haggard and unshaven figure, obsessed and weighed down by the wickedness of modern Britain, handed out leaflets warning of the consequences of same-sex love, while announcing to anyone who would listen: “Homosexuality and sexual immorality is all on a continuum with paedophilia, bestiality, adultery, child-sacrifice. You are saying it is all OK.” ”

    Haggard? That will be the hate then!

  2. sean says:


    Quick, someone show Green that Jesus gay porn film – that could be the final straw for him!

  3. sean says:

    PS: I know it is not nice to gloat over the misfortune of others, but he really does deserve everything he gets.

  4. Britannia says:

    Green deserves every misfortune he gets. I can only hope that something else comes his way to ‘put the boot’ in and finishes him off.

  5. Stuart H. says:

    £80,000 eh?
    You could do a lot of good work with that -say for a Scottish cancer charity dealing with kids.

  6. Stuart H. says:

    ..or even on maths lessons for a prat who posts here before doing the sums!

  7. Jeanette says:

    I hope the bailiffs took away his telly…

  8. tsph says:

    ‘I should go to prison rather than reveal their names, even if I could remember who they were,’ he told both Thompson and Thoday.

    -On the people who donated money to Stephen Green for the trial
    (nice to know he’s so grateful to those who made his ‘campaign’ possible)

  9. Stuart says:

    ‘The BBC have just sent a bailiff to serve a statutory demand on Christian activist Stephen Green in respect of Mark Thompson’s costs of £55,000 in the Jerry Springer the Opera case.’

    It’s not the BBC though is it, he took Mark Thomson to court personally, not the BBC. The solicitors might have been those the BBC use, but they were working for an individual.

    What does Mr Green have against TV for Gaelic speaking people anyway?

  10. Andy L says:

    If I were the BBC I would point out that getting them and Mark Thompson mixed up like that was potentially libellous and they could sue him again…

    The only difficult part would be demonstrating in court that anyone would think bankrupting Green was wrong and hence defamatory…

  11. Joe says:

    What does Mr Green have against TV for Gaelic speaking people anyway?

    He’s a racist cunt. HTH.