Dawkins website blocked in Turkey

According to Turkish posters on the RichardDawkins.net forum, access to the biologist’s website has been blocked in Turkey.

News is filtering through from Turkish sources that the ban has something to do with crazy Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, aka Harun Yahya, who was he subject of a post there back in May. The cut-and-paste from Reuters reported on Oktar’s 3 year sentence for “creating an illegal organization for personal gain”. It attracted many comments, some giving detailed descriptions of his dodgy activities. Perhaps he didn’t like that.

Prof Dawkins has appealed for more information and help from his Turkish supporters.

It is hard to know how to handle this, while having little inside knowledge of Turkey and no knowledge at all of the language. We have many helpful and loyal volunteers from around the world.
I would be extremely grateful for any Turkish volunteers who might step forward to give advice and translations.

Oktar was single-handedly responsible for the blocking of all WorpPress.com sites in Turkey last year, when a few bloggers said some unflattering things about him.

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