YouTube reinstates anti-Scientology vids

<b>War map</b>: Details internet coverage in countries since  the war which begun between the internet and the Church on January 19

War map: Details internet coverage of the war between the internet and the Church of Scientology, which began on January 19 2008

Thousands of anti-scientology videos which had been removed from YouTube have been reposted.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reported last week that over 4000 DMCA takedown notices had been issued by a non-existent organisation calling itself the American Rights Counsel LLC. YouTube’s policy, which may now be revised, is to respond immediately to such notices by removing the videos in question.

WikiNews identified the source of the illegal takedowns as a Wikipedia editor known as oschaper (thought to be Oliver Schaper). It is not yet known if any legal action will be taken against him.

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