Channel 4 rejects jihad comedy

Erstwhile comedy genius Chris Morris has had his would-be suicide bombers sitcom rejected by Channel 4 on the grounds that it is unsuitable for prime-time audiences.

This is in spite of the fact that the product was “carefully researched to ensure it would not be offensive to Muslims”.

If Morris went to such lengths not to cause offence, the end product was unlikely to have been very funny. We will, however, get a chance to find out – as the project may go ahead under Film4.

3 Responses to “Channel 4 rejects jihad comedy”

  1. thesophie says:

    FFS Channel 4! What happened to you? Idiots.
    Morris should be able to do what he wants. Make Charlie Brooker the Director General of the Beeb, and he’ll get it on!

  2. Stuart H. says:

    Considering Channel 4 put out crap by the skipload which is offensive to anyone with more than two braincells that’s a lame excuse.
    Anyway, if the only problem is it could be offensive to prime time audiences wouldn’t the obvious answer be ‘just don’t put it out at prime time’?

  3. Flotsam says:

    If there’s one thing worse than the usual censorship it’s self-censorship. As the 20th century’s most underrated philospher said:

    “Censoring what you say is one of the ways in which people who are not nice can take away your personal freedom.”