Emily Mapfuwa never visited Jesus’ penis exhibition

As reported in The Freethinker, Emily Mapfuwa, the offended Christian trying to prosecute the Baltic art gallery for exhibiting a Jesus-with-a-penis statue, never actually attended the exhibition.

She just read about it in the papers. Probably The Sun, which illustrated its story with completely different statue of Jesus-with-a-penis from a completely different exhibition.

So it is likely that she’s prosecuting the gallery for exhibiting something they didn’t exhibit, in an exhibition she never attended.

Jesus died for her, you know.

3 Responses to “Emily Mapfuwa never visited Jesus’ penis exhibition”

  1. marc draco says:

    “Jesus died for her, you know.”

    and he’ll be turning in his grave!

  2. Stuart H. says:

    So in effect, this knob imagines she saw a knob on a fantasy bloke she imagines frequently at an exhibition she imagines she’s been to, and imagines she ought to be offended….

    …and a lot of public time and money was wasted on a court case..I imagine!

  3. Jeff says:

    I don’t understand, Emily. Are you saying that Jesus didn’t have a penis??

    Usually saying that someone is without said appendage (‘d*ckless’ comes to mind) is generally a put-down. Interesting that you would want to put down your Lord and Saviour.