Now Condell video is banned from YouTube

Just as you think YouTube have seen the free-speech light (having reinstated the wafer-desecration vids), along comes another terrible tale of censorship by Google’s video-sharing giant.

YouTube’s most subscribed comedian, Pat Condell, has had his latest video, “Welcome to Saudi Britain”, removed. He was also threatened with having his account suspended.

The video called for viewers to sign an online petition against sharia law in the UK. As you can see (for now – there’s no guarantee that it will stay up for very long), Condell does not incite hatred or discrimination. But he does have a go at Saudi Arabia and its brand of Islam.


Nothing wrong with that.

If you have a YouTube account, you can upload the video to your channel (download it here).

Oh, and here’s that petition again.

2 Responses to “Now Condell video is banned from YouTube”

  1. marc says:

    ” ”

    The above comment intentionally left blank to raise awareness that free speech should not be censured.

  2. Neil Hoskins says:

    It’s not very surprising. Although catholics can be vocal, they don’t really have a history of strapping explosives to themselves and detonating them in public places.

    Who was that standup comedian I saw recently…

    “Shall I take the piss out of muslims or gays? What’s the worst the gays are going to do? Come around and criticise my curtains?”