Condell is back

For the second time in a week, YouTube redresses its mistakes.

Enormous thanks to everyone who uploaded the video and to everyone who contacted YouTube. And my thanks to YouTube for reinstating the video. I’m very much obliged.


UPDATE: (Oct 6) YouTube’s explanation:

YouTube is a platform for expression of all kinds. Our Community Guidelines prohibit speech that promotes or encourages hatred or violence towards certain groups or individuals, and the video was flagged by our community on that basis. Upon further review of the context of Pat Condell’s comments, we’ve reinstated it.

2 Responses to “Condell is back”

  1. marc draco says:

    The problem with knee-jerk reactions is that they are just that. Who would have ever thought that Youtube could become a free-speech battleground?

  2. marc says:

    I see this as a serious problem – that a video can be flagged and immediately removed; rather than given the benefit. This rather reminds me of the problem faced by rape suspects who are exposed by the red-tops long before they are even found guilty; and often are found completely innocent to boot.

    While I agree that pure hate speech crosses the boundary of free speech, Condell clearly only states his arguments well and robustly. Clearly some elements can’t deal with that.

    I want to see what happens when and if, Pat comes back and tells Christians (evangelicals in particular) that much of what they hold dear in the bible is actually made up. Recent findings, I understand, now tell a tale where (Mark) reports that Jesus’s body was missing from the tomb, the last (and clinching) twelve or so verses were added many, many years later to add colour to the story.

    Many things that Jebo did, are in fact, complete fictions according to the earliest bibles. I’d love to hear Condell on that!