Crucified frog director is sacked

<b>Kippenberger's frog</b>: Apparently Christians have a copyright on this form of execution. Who knew?

Kippenberger's frog: Apparently Christians have a copyright on this form of execution. Who knew?

The director of an Italian museum which displayed an allegedly “blasphemous” sculpture has been sacked.

Board members, who had previously supported director Corinne Diserens in refusing to remove Kippenberg’s crucified frog, dismissed her last week for putting the museum in a “difficult financial situation”.

The four foot high sculpture upset Catholics, who appear to be under the impression that they have some kind of copyright over this ancient form of execution (tell that to the Saudis). A local politician, Franz Pahl, even went on an unsuccessful hunger strike to try to get it removed, saying

Surely this is not a work of art but a blasphemy and a disgusting piece of trash that upsets many people. This decision to keep the statue there is totally unacceptable. It is a grave offence to our biscuit-munching population.

(Or something along those lines)

Even Pope Benedict the Whatever put his oar in, saying the frog

injured the religious feeling of many people who see in the cross the symbol of the love of God and of our salvation which deserves recognition and religious devotion.

At the time, Museum curators maintained that frog was a self-portrait of the artist “in a state of profound crisis” and was not an attack on the Church – which misses the point entirely. So what if it was an attack on the Chuch?

7 Responses to “Crucified frog director is sacked”

  1. jr says:

    These retards will burn in hell for dissing the green messiah. As it says in the book of kermit: blessed are the spawnmakers, for they will inherit the pond of heaven.

  2. marc says:

    This is what happens when you give people the idea that they are better than the rest of us. It’s rather like spoiling a child with sweets for years and then watching is horror how they react when you refuse.

    Religious people think that way. No getting away from it.

  3. Stuart H. says:

    Don’t really get the Catholic objection – thought they’d been bumping off pagan, little green nature worshipper types for years anyway.
    Actually, that image is SO how most of us feel after a bad day!
    If the biscuit munchers don’t want it maybe the Kippenberg estate could be persuaded to let some secular group run it as a poster, T-shirt.. whatever. We could use it to raise funds to oppose religious bods who oppose freedom of speech, mutilate girls, and generally make life miserable for everyone.

  4. martyn says:

    Put that on the bendy buses as well I say.

  5. Angela K says:

    The ‘cross’ is both a symbol and instrument of torture so perhaps should have been removed because it is offensive to frogs, not brain dead Mary-worshippers 🙂

  6. Alfster says:

    Presumably the Catholics think the director is the frog-spawn of the devil.

  7. TigerDunc says:

    What does the frog have in it’s left hand? Looks like a pint mug in the right, which I heartily approve.

    Does the moral indignation of the religious come as any surprise? They have a god given right to supress anything with which they don’t agree after all, and freedom of expression is an entirely alien concept to them.