Christian Voice rapped by ASA

We knew this was coming, but it’s nice to see it officially confirmed.

An advert placed in the New Statesman by Christian Voice has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming without justification that the HPV vaccine will increase teenage infertility. The ad prompted one complaint.

The ASA noted Christian Voice’s response. We considered, however, that the claim “Every government initiative, including the HPV vaccine, will increase it [teenage infertility]” was a statement of fact that was a matter open to substantiation. We noted the webpage submitted by Christian Voice, but we did not consider that that webpage in itself was sufficient to support the claim. Because we had not seen robust, scientific evidence that the HPV vaccine caused infertility in teenagers, we concluded that the claim had not been substantiated and was misleading.

The ad breached the CAP code clauses on Principles, Substantiation, and Truthfulness. However, experts expressed doubts that the ruling will stop Stephen Green from making unprincipled, unsubstantiated and untruthful statements in the future.

He is a Christian, after all

I said.

5 Responses to “Christian Voice rapped by ASA”

  1. marc draco says:

    See, complaint is enough to get you censured – so why do Green and other extremists continue to organise campaigns of complaints!

    Oh the irony, it buuuuuuurrrrns!

  2. marc draco says:

    Incidentally, I’ve analysed the data behind Green’s contention and there is a causative link between the amount of unprotected sex you have and infertility, but the HPV antibody has nothing to do with it.

    Green’s just pissed because he doesn’t get that much sex!

  3. From the Daily Mail, in which Mr Birdshit gives an interview:

    Full article HERE

    “During the investigation, Christian Voice’s Stephen Green said: ‘It is preposterous for the ASA to think they can outlaw Christian freedom of speech.”

    Excuse me? Wasn’t it Green who went grizzling like a baby to the ASA over the Atheist Bus slogans, which presented an opinion, rather than their advertisement, which they claim is factual!

    Isn’t this a little hypocritical, Mr Green? Christians have the right to free speech, but no-one else? You find it preposterous that the ASA have the temerity to stop you from LYING, yet when Atheists OPINE, then you want them on your side? Can’t have it both ways “Sir”. May an very nervous albatross crap on you from a great height!

  4. j.r. says:

    Why are they advertising in the New Statesman? Is it really cheap? Hardly the target audience for loony god-bothering.

  5. Patrick says:

    Why is teenage infertility a problem?

    They shouldn’t be having babies.

    They are children, themselves.