BT closes Catholic website after MP complaints

The website of a bunch of demented Catholics has been shut down by BT after complaints by a group of MPs, who claimed it was anti-semitic.

A look at (catchy strapline “Combating the antichristic conspiracy of the Khazar ‘Jew’ supremacists in honour of the Sacred Head of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Seat of Divine Wisdom.”) via the WaybackMachine confirms that it is indeed amazingly anti-semitic – but in such an extreme fashion that it is more likely to provoke gales of laughter, rather than hatred.

Under a photo of the Turin Shroud is their mission statement:

Most Sacred Head of Jesus, Temple of Divine Wisdom and Providence against Error, preserve us from those who conspire against Thee. Mercifully deliver the bullying antichrist Jews from their delusions, and save their poor souls from the dread fires of eternal Hell.

The first article on the Wayback-preserved site is entitled “Various Nations Will be Annihlated”, and begins

So spoke Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, warning us of the many temporal punishments that would ensue should the ecclesiastical hierarchy spurn Her heavenly requests. Ninety years have now passed. Our blind, apostate hierarchy considers the Message of Fatima even more irrelevant to this century than they did to the last. As a consequence, all the nations of Christian Europe, long since internally corrupted by Ashkenazi-Jew supremacism (via its gentile arm Freemasonry), are now set for extinction. Nations formed by Divine Providence over hundreds of years will formally fall to these Judeo-Mongols from Khazaria and their satanic federal Europe. Since these nations have rejected Christendom, Heaven will now give them over to Satandom.

About 50 killjoy MPs, led by John Mann (Lab), sought to deprive the public of this goon-show quality source of biscuit-munching comedy by tabling the following Early Day Motion:

That this House notes the vile and anti-Semitic nature of the website; notes that it is run by a known fascist and seeks to inspire hate against the Jewish community amongst others; understands that according to Nominet’s WHOIS service it is based in the United Kingdom through ISP provider Plusnet in contradiction with that organisation’s own hosting policies and remains available to be viewed by the world; calls on Plusnet to stop hosting the website content; and calls for the domain name to be revoked and believes that those who are writing, commissioning and uploading vile hate speech should face the full force of the law.

The loon in charge of the website is one Timothy Johnson from Sheffield, and he’s rather miffed. He believes the actions raise concerns about civil liberties and the free discussion of controversial and provocative subjects on the internet. Whatever your opinion of the dribbling cracker-necker’s religious convictions, you have to admit he has a point.

If MPs and ISPs think we need protecting from this kind of drivel, it won’t be long before the whole country is given over to Satandom.

(Hat tip: Pickled Politics)

24 Responses to “BT closes Catholic website after MP complaints”

  1. Calum Harvie says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be given over to Satandom 🙂

  2. Well, I have to say this had me laughing, even though it’s my own person and views that are the object of the ridicule. It’s rather more liberating than the libellous totalitarian repression meted out by those who fawn to the supremacist ideology masquerading as “religion” that Gentiles are not allowed to criticize, let alone laugh at!

  3. j.r. says:

    fawn to the supremacist ideology masquerading as “religion”

    no, I give up – is this the mission statement of Catholic Voice?

  4. No, it’s simply the truth. Behead me if you must! Orthodox Judaism is at root a carnal, anti-Gentilist racism masquerading as the worship of God. Consult the Babylonian Talmud and discover who the real “loonies” are (to use your term). It’s replete with anti-Gentilist statements like the following:

    “Gentiles are inclinded to bestiality, lewdness and murder. Gentiles prefer sexual relations wth cows more than with their own wives. Eve had sexual intercourse with the serpent, transmitting lust to the gentiles, from which Israelites are exempt.” (BT Abodah Zarah 22a)

    “Property of gentiles is like the desert; whoever among the Jews gets there first, owns it.” (BT Baba Bathra 54b)

    “If a gentile kills a Jew, the gentile is to be killed. But if a Jew kills a gentile, the Jew is to go free.” (BT Sanhedrin 57a)

    “All gentile children are animals”. (Yebamoth 98a) etc, etc ,etc.

    But perhaps the Babylonian Talmud is merely a fake after all and not to be trusted, rather like “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which the Rabbis are so keen to ascribe to the Okhrana, the Tsar’s secret police!

    There has never been a “Chosen Race”. Rather there was a Chosen People whose raison d’être was to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. That People is now become the Catholic Church, the true Israel according to the spirit, to use St Augustine’s terminology, whereas Talmudic Judaism is the counterfeit Israel of the flesh. The two have been doing battle for the souls of men for 2000 years now.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Ah – The Babylonian Talmud!! I have a well-thumbed copy of the tome at hand at all times : a veritable source of wisdom!!!

  6. j.r. says:

    Mr. Johnson
    1. I have a copy of the talmud on my computer.
    2. The made up quotes you copied from some drooling nazi website or other are not part of the talmud.
    3. So tell me, what aspect of catholicism was it that made you insane? Was it the conversations with a dolly on a stick, the flagellation, or the paedophilia?

  7. To J.R. The quotes may not be in your version of the Talmud, but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the Talmud itself. A Protestant would claim that the Book of Wisdom is not in his Bible, but they’re certainly in the full uncensored Catholic Bible.

    Now what version of the Talmud do you actually have? The fact is that all English versions apart from the English Steinsaltz edition (1989-1999) have been censored to make them suitable for Gentile consumption. It’s hard to find a full 22-volume Steinsaltz edition nowadays, but this is what you want if you want to know what’s really in the Babylonian Talmud. Unfortunately Random House abandoned the printing thereof allegedly due to lack of interest, but perhaps in reality because of rabbinic complaints that it was exposing too much to the general public.

    The Soncino version (1935) is not bad, but has also been bowdlerized to a degree , disingenuously replacing the Hebrew word “goyim” (non-Jew) for example with “idolaters and heathens”.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Wow!! The “uncensored” Bible – that sounds good!!! Where can I get a copy?

  9. j.r. says:

    OK Timothy, you want to keep up your game then quote the Hebrew or Aramaic text. Alternatively you could think about this: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.” This is one of the ethical precepts that the religion you claim to follow has acquired from Judaism. Try following it.

  10. […] a story about a loopy Catholic website that’s been taken down following complaints by MPs (BT closes Catholic website after MP complaints), complete with a link to a web archive page that has a stored copy (Catholic Voice).  OK, so this […]

  11. barriejohn says:

    Don`t encourage him j.r. – it`s a load of bollocks and he knows it!! (I don`t know whether it was you who put up the link to “Wonderful Life”, but thanks whoever it was – I hadn`t come across that one before!!!).

  12. j.r. says:

    barriejohn, Timothy Johnson has appeared on this site spreading a viral message of hate made up of false talmud quotes from nazi websites and the standard line from nazis these days on the protocols – i.e. “well they say its a forgery but they would, wouldn’t they?”. Unfortunately this Jew-hate filth is on the rise and is permeating the mainstream, despite its preposterous idiocy. Therefore it must be countered and indeed censored in my opinion.

  13. barriejohn says:

    Well, I certainly agree with you about the “preposterous idiocy” of Johnson`s views j.r., but I also share Monitor`s view that the best response to this garbage is to laugh it into oblivion. I can certainly see the dangers it presents to certain weak-minded people, so carry on arguing with his interpretations by all means, but I fear that applying the rules of scholarship to such patent nonsense just bestows upon it an air of respectability which it does not deserve. Even if you get back to the original writings, they are just a collection of myths, fables and fairy stories, based on primitive, uninformed beliefs, like all religious texts.

  14. j.r. says:

    Agreed barriejohn there is a fine line; by engaging with the patient we may be feeding his narcissism. However the combination of delusional religious beliefs and racist conspiracy obsessions is a major concern, especially given the alliance of convenience between christian and moslem religious fanatics and truther/antizionist political extremists, using antisemitic stereotypes to further their dismal agendas, while ignoring problems that actually exist such as poverty and climate change.

  15. Should we also perhaps censor gratuitous imputations of hatred?

    Why is it that solidly-founded criticisms of Talmudic beliefs are assumed to represent “hatred” whilst pouring scorn on Catholics and calling them all kinds of vile names is considered acceptable? Can people really live comfortably with themselves whilst patently operating such double standards?

    As for racism, the fact is that racism of any kind is not just evil but utterly daft. White Aryanism, Nazism, Ku Klux Judaism, etc are all abominable in the eyes of God. The Catholic Church of which I am but a humble member unequivocally condemns them all.

  16. barriejohn says:

    Yes – no need to worry about the environment, or how to feed the world`s population, j.r., Allah/Yahweh/The B.F.G. will take care of all that!! Did you watch “Dispatches” last night? (Repeated Thurs late). It`s the best current affairs programme on the box by miles now. Apparently Pakistani boys are being sent to madrasahs where their “education” consists solely of learning the Koran parrot fashion (even though they don`t actually understand a word of Arabic), and lessons on “How to become a suicide bomber”!!! The country obviously has no need of farmers, chemists, physicists, doctors, and so on. That`s where religious fundamentalism gets you!!!!!

  17. j.r. says:

    Yes barriejohn – the girls who are no longer allowed to go to school in parts of Pakistan may be getting a better deal on balance!

    Timothy Johnson – got the message. Your imaginary friend told you jews are bad. You need to understand that there isn’t anything we can discuss here because it’s only playing inside your head. If you can provide the original hebrew/aramaic text of the passages you “quoted” above I can set you straight on the translations but I’m not holding my breath. Otherwise you could try – they may be able to help.

  18. Stonygroud says:

    My problem with the censorious is firstly their phenomenal stupidity and secondly their seeming assumption that everyone else is as stupid as they are. They invariably shoot themselves in the foot by giving massive amounts of publicity to the very thing that they are trying to have silenced.

    Examples: Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood and an advertising campaign by United Colours of Beneton which featured posters which while being thought provoking were always in somewhat questionable taste. The censorious never failed to rise to the bait, giving Beniton all the publicity they needed and it must have taken them at least ten years to catch on to the effect that their outrage was having on Beneton’s sales.

    On my second point, they assume that we are too simple minded to judge if this guy is a certifiable fruit salad or not. If I wanted to make a case that the British are a nation of racist bigots with delusions of world domination, I am pretty sure that I could dig up some literature that was written during the height of the British Empire that would support me.

  19. j.r. says:

    Stonygroud, I’ll tell you exactly how stupid people are. In the last century most of Europe came under totalitarian governments because there were enough stupid people who wanted to make it happen. We are now entering the worst recession since the one that brought hitler, mussolini and franco to power. If you want to leave obnoxious ideas to float around and get rejected by everyone’s natural intelligence and decency then good luck. History is not on your side.

  20. Colin says:

    The problem with the extremist ideas that flourished after the 1930s recession was a lack of people able to contradict due to oppressive regulation on freedom of speech, as well as an attitude of appeasement.

    No censorship and the encouragement of people to stand up and state their opinions would appear to be the answer to that.

  21. barriejohn says:

    Please folk, have a look at the latest cartoon on the website. Not only is it sidesplittingly funny (again), but very relevant to the current debate!!! I am TOTALLY opposed to state censorship of any kind, however well-intentioned!!

  22. barriejohn says:

    By the way, is “Satandom” anything like “Dickandom”? There do seem to be demonic forces at work there sometimes, from what I have seen, but then I`m no expert!!!

  23. Monitor says:

    j.r. writes

    hate filth is on the rise and is permeating the mainstream, despite its preposterous idiocy. Therefore it must be countered and indeed censored in my opinion. […]
    If you want to leave obnoxious ideas to float around and get rejected by everyone’s natural intelligence and decency then good luck.

    This pretty much amounts to blasphemy round these parts. I could have you flogged for writing such subversive stuff, you know.

    Maybe I should delete your comments and block your IP, just in case someone of insufficient natural intelligence reads your words and is influenced by them.

    On second thoughts, no. Here, have your petard back.

  24. j.r. says:

    I wish I could be as idealistic as you, Monitor, but I guess my optimism has been dented by the sheer quantity of mindless racism I encounter.