James Randi blocked by YouTube!


Veteran woo-slammers, The James Randi Educational Foundation, have mysteriously had their YouTube account suspended. It is not yet known why, but the reasons are almost certainly nefarious. Creationists? Uri Gellar? Someone who regards any critique of their particular brand of woo as “hate speech”? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment.

You can complain here.

UPDATE: (3 April) It’s back. No explanation as yet.

UPDATE: (4 April) It was a matter of copyright violation.

5 Responses to “James Randi blocked by YouTube!”

  1. Metal Ollie says:

    Bloody UNBELIEVABLE! The sodding “moral minority” triumphs again, over rationale and reason. Free speech? Only if you believe in fairytales, and superstitious garbage.
    I’ve reported videos on Youtube which promote crime, one being of a kid riding around in a stolen vehicle, another shooting an illegal firearm (both in the UK), and over a YEAR later they are STILL online. Youtube claims to be proactive in preventing the promotion of crime, yet clearly are NOT.

    They are happy to prevent anyone who chooses to listen to a man of logic from hearing the good word… Of course, if that “good word” comes out of a 2000 year old book, or is by a self professed nutca.. sorry, psychic, then it’s open season to say what you want, no matter how racist, homophobic, misleading, or blatantly dishonest it may be.

    I’m now boycotting Youtube completely, until I read that Randi’s account has been FULLY restored.

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  3. The stench of creationists is all over this. This is just getting absurd, and I can smell the stench of creationists all over it.

    Like Metal Ollie, I’ve also opted to boycott Youtube, but I have no stake invested into it personal or otherwise. Because of the long-term and consistent nature of these problems, I will continue to boycott Youtube until the company makes a public announcement that it will no longer suspend user accounts without evidence of a clear violation of the Terms of Service; something which has consistently been absent with users such as Thunderf00t, the JREF, and so on. Not only should it make that announcement, but it should also back up its word with action.

  4. Mr Blackett says:

    Looks like he’s back:


    No explanation. I would guess an automated process is the cause but I really don’t know.

  5. Neuroskeptic says:

    So it wasn’t nefarious, and it was nothing to do with creationists.

    There’s a lesson here about persecution complexes…