“Faith Fighter” game unites religions in outrage

<b>Round one:</b> Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Round one: Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Representatives of several major religions have called for a game by radical developers Molleindustria to be removed from the internet because it is “deeply provocative” and “disrespectful”.

Faith Fighter is a punch-up game for one or two players which involves bouts between Jesus, Mohammed, Ganesh, Buddha, Budai, and God Himself. According to its developers,

Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.

Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham:

This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet.

Playing violent video games will ultimately affect your behaviour and this game is deeply offensive and provocative.

A spokesman for the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organisations:

In the current climate, this game can only create fear about religion. Having images depicting Muhammad in this way is also very offensive to our faith.

And Brian Appleyard called it “an offensive, futile project”.

Has it occurred to any of them not to play it?

Molleindustria is the brainchild of Italian artist and game designer Paolo Pedercini. Other games in the stable include Oligarchy, Queer Power, and the previously-banned Operation: Pedopriest.

Hope you’re not busy today.

UPDATE: (April 28) The game has been removed from the Molleindustria site in response to a statement from the OIC. But you can still play it here.

205 Responses to ““Faith Fighter” game unites religions in outrage”

  1. Nambla Neil Whited of Meridian says:

    Wow, look at all the religious people who are upset. I believe that is mission accomplished. Why don’t you all shove your religions up your ass and just kill yourselves. I’d pay to see that. Phuuk religion and all it’s so called faithful. I hope you all get raped by aids carriers. Die!!!! As for the catholic life I’ve led…it’s only for the alter boys you fools.

  2. Nambla Neil Whited of Meridian says:

    Ron Williams is my love toy.

  3. So, no mention of The Giant Spaghetti Monster in the sky? Pfffft. Incomplete.

    His noodley goodness would bombard all of those faux *profits* and tax dodgers
    with several tentacles tied behind his back. Just the thought of those flaming meatballs being hurled at his opponents makes me quiver with excitement…

  4. Mike says:

    There is actually another game like Faith Fighters that was copied from a game created back a couple years ago and posted on adultswim.com if I remember correctly and it can be found on newgrounds.com. That game is actually called “Bible Fight”. It only goes through characters in the Bible. This game is the same concept, it just uses all the religions, instead of just one. Still funny to see Noah walking around my screen in fishing waders and smacking people with a fish while looking pretty dis-gruntled about soemthing. If you are like me and ACTUALLY HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR then you would appreciate this game too. And to all of you who get so up tight about this stuff, go drink a nice tall glass of calm down juice, then have a “gel-axy” filled doughnut with it. I’m pretty sure that if God is as great as every religion makes him out to be (including Catholics, like me), he’s probably laughing his ass off playing these games on his “God-Mac” and hanging out on Twitter. So my advice once again for the terminally insulted/angry/stupid…..R….E….L….A….X


  5. Tuesday says:

    barriejohn :
    “very offensive” when no one has the faintest idea what he really looked like?

    Wow ok, I don’t know what barriejohn looks like but let’s draw a picture of him with a small knobhead and a bad case of sexual dysfunctionality. Even better let’s draw his mom whoring around giving BJs like the whore she is. Awesome right?

    Just because you don’t know what or how a person looks like doen’t mean it can’t cause offense.

  6. 444 says:

    If your going to try and be offensive, then be equally offensive. Why does the censored version blur out only mohammads face? Fear of a bombing?

  7. Anonomouse says:

    These people need to just give it a rest. Who cares what other people put on the internet. Thats the beauty of it, if it offends you, dont go to their web site.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Everybody has the option to not depict Muhammed, at the very beginning of the game. Everybody has the option to not play this game at all.

    Let it be what it was intended to be (which i think was quite naive, nothing really sacrilegious, because it could have been done worst)

  9. lolcat says:

    Xenu FTW

  10. barriejohn says:

    Of course people have a right to believe what they wish Cris, but that`s not what is going on in the world! Millions of people are now being literally forced to observe Mohammedan beliefs, and the lives of women and girls in particular are being destroyed by these primitive practices. You must be aware of this. Fundamentalist Christians would have it the same way if they could – witness the indoctrination of their children, who are often sent to “faith” schools, or even worse in receipt of “home education”; and forbidden to watch television, go to the cinema, or read many mind-opening books. Like Muslim children, they are being taught that Evolution is a pack of lies, and that God created the world in six days, about four thousand years ago, and that Adam and Eve really did walk and talk with God in the Garden of Eden. This is all going on in “civilised” countries in the twenty-first century, and erstwhile intelligent, caring people are defending what surely amounts to a form of child-abuse!!!

  11. barriejohn says:

    “Tuesday” (very imaginative nomen there, I must say!!) – who told you about my “small knobhead” and sexual dysfunctionality? have you been speaking to my neighbours?

  12. barriejohn says:

    PS Cris – There was a report on The Freethinker site yesterday that the EU Government want to impose Sharia Law in civil cases throughout the EU, where the litigants are Muslim. There is a report today that “Faith Schools” in Britain will be allowed to continue to teach their pupils that homosexual relationships are evil. God help gay children in these institutions – what are they to think? Who are the “evil ones” here? ( http://freethinker.co.uk )

  13. Mark says:

    Personally, I think the game is based on a tasteless premise. So I exercise my right not to play it.

    Anyone who thinks differently is welcome to do something different. I really don’t care who plays what video games.

  14. nickmoore says:

    i think thats the funniest thing in a while! i would play it forreal!
    just a bunch of fictional people that way too many people believe in throwing down like chris brown!

  15. YourMom says:

    They need to add Darwin to that game as the founder of the “atheist religion” to make it a fair and balanced game.

  16. ZombieJesus says:

    “Interesting that I don’t see many if any people here talking about respecting other beliefs even though they don’t agree with them.”

    Fuck their beliefs. There’s nothing that says we have to respect the horseshit anyone believes. I respect their right to believe whatever crap they want, but that doesn’t mean respecting the beliefs themselves. We have a right to mock and ridicule, just like they have a right to believe in magical sky gods.

  17. Tim says:

    So religions can advertise that non believers can burn in hell but atheists can’t poke a bit of fun back? What a load of tosh. No wonder the world is turning secular.

    Thanks be to his noodly appendage.

  18. Yasin says:

    There are sooooo many misconceptions here it’s not even funny. I don’t know where you guys get the idea that Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) was a rapist, a murderer, or even a pedophile. You not only have to look at the time period in which he lived, the culture in which he lived, and the RECORDED actions that he performed. Neither of those accusations hold any water. Go and read any Biography on Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and you’ll see for yourself. The great thing about biographies in the states is that most of them are not even written by Muslims, yet they speak about facts that are known and recorded, not made up bs on the spot like you claim Muslims believe.

    BTW, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is not our god, no Muslim should be worshiping him. He is merely our beloved prophet.

    As for the degredation of women and children, why don’t you try GOING to a Muslim country before eating up what your “respectable” media spews out to you. Each female is treated as a queen in Saudi Arabia, and I have no clue where you heard anything about degredation of children.

    And as for “all” the Muslims wanting every non-believer dead…..HAHAHAHA

    Islam is the most followed religion in the world, and it is the religion that holds the most new converts yearly…….trust me, if we all wanted you dead, you’d be dead -_-

    Islam teaches us to be respectful of other religions and to never wish harm upon anyone. Yes, we have some crazy people bombing Israeli towns and villages and whatnot, but we also have Israeli’s bombing Palestine’s towns and villages. Bet you didn’t know that little fact? It’s not a jihad, it’s simply retaliation from both sides. It’s simple human nature that’s at fault here. It’s not even Jews vs. Muslims either, it’s a dispute over land which grew to the point where it’s hardly identifiable. There is no religious turmoil, but the media apparently portrayed it as that and we have people like you (barriejohn) eating it up.

    • singe says:

      @Yasin, you say “Each female is treated as a queen in Saudi Arabia”.

      This is utter bullshit. Women an Saudi Arabia have to cover themselves up completely and are not allowed to enter banks and other commercial establishments. If women were treated with respect in Saudi Arabia they could dress as men do and conduct business as men do.

      “Islam is the most followed religion in the world”

      Nope, sorry. China and India disagree with you. You’re misinformed about your religion.

      “Yes, we have some crazy people bombing Israeli towns and villages and whatnot, but we also have Israeli’s bombing Palestine’s towns and villages.”

      Wait, so you’re saying it’s okay to bomb jews cause jews bomb your villiages? That’s bullshit. There is NO justification for killing people. None at all.

  19. marc says:

    ’bout time we had an open discussion about this. Funny how the IPU watchers are always taking offence without any compunction to worry about any they dish out.

    I do love irony.

    Fight – fight – fight.

    (Bugger got to go back to work)

  20. skamando says:

    Wow, if you’ve seen the other games these guys have made, this game is nothing. Go to their site. If I was some stupid up-in-arms religious douche, I’d probably have a problem with “Operation: Pedopriest” or “Queer Power” or “Orgasm Simulator.”

  21. marc says:

    Oh and Yasmin, PEAS be on your prophet – frozen ones.

  22. Tony says:

    Monotheism rules, as in Faith Fighter “there can be only one!”

  23. Farkmesideways says:

    They need to add Darwin to that game as the founder of the “atheist religion” to make it a fair and balanced game.

    Another douche rears it’s ugly head. Wise up Moron! Darwin was an Angelican clergyman who who was quite orthodox and would quote from the Bible on matters of morality. Get your facts straight before opening your gob.

  24. Jesus H. Christ says:

    My Dad is SO going to kick your A$$

  25. walgman says:

    “Playing violent video games will ultimately affect your behaviour and this game is deeply offensive and provocative.”

    I would like to shoot that twat.

  26. Alice says:

    shouldn’t there be an AK47 and a dynamite vest somewhere in there?

  27. ZombieJesus says:

    Piss be upon your profit.

  28. Justin says:

    why should anyone respect belief systems that attempt to force others into belief by force? This is true for both Christianity and Islam. They are both dangerous, neither respects the beliefs of others (unless damning people to hell is your idea of respect) and if they are permitted to continue on their present course these two faiths will destroy our planet long before global warming ever has a chance.

  29. Alice says:

    can you at least spell ‘prophet” right?

  30. ZombieJesus says:

    Puss be upon your Profiterole.

    Did I do it right that time?

  31. Joe Davis says:

    And Jesus was a Jew…what’s your point?

  32. mgroves says:

    Can muhammed use a “salmon helmet” in this game?

  33. Alice says:

    Zombie no….still wrong. But keep going…. Can someone photoshop a AK47 and a bomb vest onto the pic? Please?

    that would make it Hilarious!!!!!

  34. SOME GUY says:

    Yall are SUPER LATE.
    Adult Swim.com Did this LAST YEAR!!

  35. barriejohn says:

    Yasin – lies and propaganda! Do you actually believe any of this bullshit that you are proclaiming? You must be completely ignorant about what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan at this very moment. I hope no one is deceived by your claims. The Taleban are the true face of Islam, like it or not!!

  36. littlejohn says:

    What’s the big deal? There’s nothing here we haven’t seen on South Park.

  37. Mike says:


    I know right, but “Bible-Fight” is still fun to play!

    @(everyone in this discussion) Look everyone I’m a Catholic, so believe me, my religion has become a walking “Priest and young boy” punch-line, but I have a sense of humor about it, so I make the jokes too. People you don’t have to all agree on something, whether it’s a belief in a higher power or that the doughnut king will someday come down from the Dunkin Donuts on high and rule us with a mighty fist of jelly filled justice. Once again I make the point… lighten up, do you really think God, Allah (if I spelled that right), Buddah (praying to Doughnut God that I got that one too), or any “God” or “Prophet” is really going to be pissed? I haven’t seen fireballs coming down and smiting these guys, so I must say, I think whatever God and Prophet combo you believe in; those guys are playing these games and laughing thinking of how cool the people that THEY THEMSELVES CREATED, are making games that help people laugh in darker times, and sad that people want that happiness taken away. As a friend sometimes you help your loved ones through rough times by letting them laugh at your expense (sacrifice of ones self / charity). If God and the Prophet are so great and good, they are friend and Father, don’t you think if you are laughing and having some small ounce of happiness added to your life when things are getting bad, that THAT is what they really want?

    Over and Out

    a.ka. (Prophet of the Lord Doughnut King on High… jk)

  38. asdasdasd says:

    This game is so fucking old, like, years old.

  39. Stonyground says:

    Mike I think you might be wrong, I’ve read the Bible and believe me Yahweh is an absolute bastard. Satan isn’t too bad a guy though.

    No fireballs but quite a few floods, earthquakes and killer diseases quite recently and on past experience Yahweh tends to smite completely at random, sort of like what would happen if he didn’t actually exist.

  40. barriejohn says:

    Steve Wells has put quite a lot of effort recently into calculating just how many people Yahweh did actually murder (for various reasons) in the Old Testament!! ( http://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.com )

  41. WICKED says:

    This game is so cool!
    Seriously, everyone’s fighting about religion anyway. I’m shocked that this wasn’t made years before.

    This game is SO IRONIC… cheers to the ones responsible!

    • FlashMedallion says:


      Yes. A game about fighting over religion has succeeded in getting everybody lining up to fight about religion. Nice work.

  42. gus says:


    to the ofended faithful, go to Hell. YOUR actions, calls for censorship, hypocrisy and phoney invisible friends in the sky are offensive.

  43. Yasin says:

    “lies and propaganda! Do you actually believe any of this bullshit that you are proclaiming? You must be completely ignorant about what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan at this very moment. I hope no one is deceived by your claims. The Taleban are the true face of Islam, like it or not!!”

    lol, I have not been to Afghanistan (since the country is a wreck after the early battles in 2003), but I have been to numerous Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I’m very sorry that it is hard for you to believe this, but everything I said was legit. I was born and raised in the States, but according to your perception on muslims, I should wish death and hellfire upon you JUST because you aren’t following the same belief system that I am? What kind of bs is that? My word is from the very group that you are trying to belittle and I’m straight up telling you that you have a lot of misconceptions about the religion of Islam as well as its followers to form a valid opinion about them that I can respect. You seriously do need to read a book on this stuff. You barely know anything about the situation overseas, yet you act as if you are an expert on it because you watch the news. It seems as though you are as close-minded as you claim us believers are.

    And lol, the Taliban? true face of Islam?……

    why? Because they’re the only ones that are denying women education? Because they’re the ones that punish women for the slightest things? Because they’re the ones who have twisted the religion to the point where they’re not even following Islam?

    Let’s conveniently forget Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emerites, and all other muslim countries. The taliban are the ones that are true Muslims according to you, because…..well……you are an expert on Islam aren’t you?

    You are ridiculous and I hope that someone opens your mind up.

  44. realist says:

    All I can do is shake my head.. these religious types need to get over themselves. If their “faith” is so fragile that a silly little game can rattle their delicate sensibilities so much, perhaps it requires a more critical rethinking..

  45. barriejohn says:

    Yasin – I can`t be bothered arguing with someone who appears ignorant about their own “faith”. You sound just like the “Christians” who want to pick and choose which bits of the Bible they actually believe! Have a look at http://www.faithfreedom.org – a site run by ex-Muslims FOR Muslims – it puts things more eloquently than I ever could.

  46. Aharon says:

    Interesting even Yasin could not bring him/herself, in all the adulations for the great life women have in saudi-arabia – all of them bar none, mind – to use one simple term: freedom. Indeed, am intrigued by the patronizing attitude of every “female” – not a woman – is being allowed by someone to be a princesses..
    So let me tell you, Yasin, in the most friendly way possible, when my parter and I could go to mecca and treat eachother like 2 kings by making love on top of the kaaba, without having to fear for our lives – then we’ll know people in the Arabian peninsula have some freedoms worth living for! Since that will come only by the end of islam, or its public version – then we have to spell how religious end sounds like… 🙂

    Lots of kisses!!!!

  47. thenewprohet says:

    Its actually pretty funny whats going on in this comments section. Its kinda like the game, a fight about religions.