German Muslims furious at claim that Mohammed knew nothing about football

The Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency reports that Muslims in Germany have decided to take offence to the official club song of a Bundesliga football team.

<b>Mohammed knew fuck-all about football</b>: But he supports Schalke 04 anyway, apparently

Mohammed knew fuck-all about football: But he supports Schalke 04 anyway, apparently

The Central Council of Muslims has deemed that a verse in FC Schalke 04’s “Blau und Weiß, wie lieb ich Dich” (Blue and White, How I love you) “did not show sufficient respect towards Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).”

Here is the verse:

Mohammed war ein Prophet
Der vom Fußballspielen nichts versteht
Doch aus all der schönen Farbenpracht
Hat er sich das Blau und Weiße ausgedacht

Which the club’s site helpfully translates, with “no claim to lyrical accuracy,”

Mohammed was a prophet who
Knew nothing of football, that much is true
But of all the colours shining bright
The ones he thought up were our royal blue and white

Muslim fans of the team have threatened a boycott unless the verse is changed, and, according to the IRNA, the club is taking them seriously. It plans to hire an “Islamic expert” in investigate charges of blasphemy.

The song was written in 1924. Who says Muslims are quick to take offence?

(Hat tip: Islam in Europe)

UPDATE: (14:45) Earth Times has more quotes, and the allegation that “threats have been expressed on various internet forums.”

A club spokesman says they have received about 350 emails:

We are taking the situation very seriously and are in contact with police and state protection institutions.

Burhan Kesici, general secretary of the Islamic Council in Germany, told the Turkish language service of the GPA:

It is not right that the prophet is mentioned in a club anthem. I would wish that out of respect for the Muslims in this country the Mohammed-stanza is not sung.

Earth Times suggests that the reason German Muslims have taken 95 years to be offended by the club’s song is that they have become “more sensitive” since the murder of an Egyptian woman by a racist in a Dresden courtroom. The general secretary of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazy, believes “many Muslims don’t feel secure any more” after the incident.

So, naturally, they react by being more vocally intolerant and demanding of respect. Good thinking, German Muslims.

13 Responses to “German Muslims furious at claim that Mohammed knew nothing about football”

  1. Stuart W says:

    Well, wouldn’t Mohammed treat an object made from pig-skin like a ball of radioactive dung?

    • Mohammed says:

      Well, would not some Jews and vegetarian do the same thing???? And what does pig-skin have to do with that article?

  2. samuel says:

    I’m sure everyone would have to admit, the bit about Muhammad is pretty random.

  3. Amy Alkon says:

    . I would wish that out of respect for the Muslims in this country

    Muslims who cannot function in an existing, non-primitive culture should respect it by returning to Saudi Arabia or Yemen or whatever primitive land they hail from, so they can feel free to beat their wives, marry and have sex with little girls, and treat women like dogs.

    • Artese says:

      I am a muslim and dont feel much for the anthem, for or against. Retards like Amy Alkon however, seem to be so badly brainwashed (may be thats the problem: they dont have much of a brain to begin with), that they fail to realise that indigenous English ppl like me are also muslims. We are not Saudis nor does Saudi represent Islam. Oh Amy, if your head wasnt stuck so far up your arse, maybe you would become a muslim yourself…oh sorry I forgot, that problem about a brain i mentioned earlier…

    • Mohammed says:

      Wow, I guess you live in paradise not England!!!!! I’m glad you are happy with yourself. There is a saying: Idiots are blessed. And you are blessed.

  4. Anis says:

    I am a Muslim and I feel like the vast majority of Muslims in Arab world not offended at all by the clubs translation since it is true that our prophet didn’t know anything about football as well as Moses and Jesus didn’t since it didn’t exist in this form yet. But this isn’t the translation you read in arabic media which only mention that a “germun club is insulting our prophet” or “german club mentions the prophet in insulting way”.
    I myself feel on the contrary that theme has flattered prophet Mohammad (s.a.) and spoke of him in high regard since being proud that our prophet chose your colors speaks by itself.

    • Monitor says:

      You are right, Anis. The verse in question actually refers to Mohammed with affection, and pride that he chose the team’s colours.

  5. libhomo says:

    Religion really is a sick joke.

  6. barriejohn says:

    I have received email alerts of comments made by Mohammed, and was about to reply to them when I found that they and my original comments have disappeared! What has happened to them?

    • Monitor says:

      I deleted them. They were rubbish.

      • barriejohn says:

        You mean I’ve been censored for ridiculing the hypocrisy that calls itself Islam? I really DON’T believe it!

        • Mohammed says:

          Yes, Monitor, They were rubbish. His comments and my responses to them. You spread rubbish, you get rubbish back. The comments had nothing to do with the article and only shows his sickness and hatred.