Marmite for the weak

BoingBoing has a story highlighting “Vegemite’s stupid and clueless linking policy.” You cannot actually access their website without first agreeing to this. It includes the proviso:

You are also prohibited from linking the Site to another website in any way whatsoever.

Vegemite? Pfft. Everyone knows it’s just Marmite for wimps.

3 Responses to “Marmite for the weak”

  1. Alfster says:

    And these are the cocks trying to take over Cadbury…get the hence to endless foul tasting bile, satan.

  2. barriejohn says:

    What action do they actually propose taking against those wicked people who DO link their site to another website, I wonder? This would be akin, for instance, to someone who might have taken offence at, perhaps, a cartoon, or it might be some other so-called defamatory item, demanding that it be “removed from the internet.” Such a demand would, of course, just like this demand, be too stupid for words!

  3. Shatterface says:

    Vegemite is the vitamin enriched Spread of Peace.

    Death to the Enemies of Vegemite!