Oops, they did it again


We are tired of pointing out how ironic it is that these morons react with violence at any suggestion that their religion is violent, so here instead is a nice poem by The Digital Cuttlefish, written especially for this occasion:

Danish Cartoonist: 1–Muhammad: 0
It must, at times, be really hard
To be cartoonist Westergaard*.
To be a controversial Dane,
Targeted by religious insane.
Trying to live their normal life,
A normal man and normal wife,
But with a price put on his head—
A million bucks to see him dead.

His drawing was a mortal sin
(To those who need a thicker skin):
The Prophet (praise be unto him)
Portrayed in features rather grim,
With bomb in turban, fuse alight,
Offensive to a Muslim’s sight!
Since such an insult could not stand,
“The man must die.” the cold command.

Islam’s Qur’an, the central text,
Has poor cartoonists quite perplexed—
It calls for peace, or that’s the claim,
While breeding martyrs in its name.
But should one choose to illustrate
This problem, well, we know the fate:
The peaceful clerics draw a breath
And send the artist to his death.

Kurt Westergaard is still alive
His freedom, also, will survive—
He will not bow to terrorists
Although his name is on their lists;
He chooses still, by all accords,
To set his pen against their swords
To freely live, as best he can—
So, fuck Muhammad—Kurt’s the man!

*I have been corrected; my pronunciation of Westergaard is incorrect (thanks for nothing, ITN News!) My apologies!

UPDATE: If that poem cheered you up, this will depress you. It’s the fair and balanced BBC claiming that Westergaard’s cartoon “sparked” outrage (in fact it only “sparked” a couple of imams to stoke outrage) and helpfully pointing out that “some independent religious scholars argue the cartoonists were wrong to offend Muslims and say the drawings made dialogue impossible.” (Thanks to Ophelia B in the comments)

6 Responses to “Oops, they did it again”

  1. Cuttlefish says:

    Aw… glad you liked it.

  2. Andrew Nixon says:

    The BBC coverage has a habit of saying “cartoons” as if Westergaard drew them all. Interestingly, the BBC at one point used some stock footage of Westergaard in which the Turbomb cartoon was visible on his desk – the first time any UK channel has shown them?

  3. Stonyground says:

    Well done for printing the cartoon again, if every media outlet did this every time some murderous imbecile drew attention to it I think that even the Islamists would eventually catch on that they were shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. barriejohn says:

    Do you really think so, Stonyground?

  5. Stonyground says:

    Actually, on reflection, that was absurdly optimistic. Those who love to censor seem to be oblivious to the negative consequences of their actions, what was I thinking?

  6. Stuart says:

    Your last comment was sadly true Stonyground….